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Welcome to the Rumble City Archives. We hope you enjoy this journey down memory lane. If you don't know what this area is about read below.

Rumble City
Rumble City was where this site came from. It was started to be a part of Blast City, which was a Sega oriented forum. Rumble City's original name was Tendo City when it was started in October of 1999. We were also linked to from Nintendojo until they got their own forums. The forums were eventually closed down in February of 2001 but luckily Weltall was kind enough to harbor all of these lost souls.

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This is the section where Sennins and Choujins let you know what's going on with the site; it's important that all Rumblers check this page at least once a day. That said, keep in mind that the threads posted here represent only a slice of the conversation at Rumble City. To get a fuller picture of what goes on, browse the actual forum! Click on the Rumble City logo in the top of the second column to begin your experience.

Rumbler of the Week
Loki has won ROTW for the last week of November. Does he win every month? Sure seems like it.

Rumbler(s) of the Month
Our two ROTMs for October have been announced and they are two fans of other systems! Weltall of Playstation fame and nickdaddyg, shameless promoter of Microsoft, both win free games. Weltall chose Zelda : 0oT and nickdaddyg chose Mario Tennis. Maybe free Nintendo games will convince them who's the best!

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Rumble City

Weltall Arrives
Boy did he make an entrance when he first showed up at Rumble City. This once Sony fanboy now runs Tendo City, a site devoted to Nintendo. He was even the winner of our last ROTM drawing. The game he chose? Ocarina of Time, of course. Shigeru

Shigeru's Last Words
The last words of the greatest moderator of all time. Shigeru

PK's Last Words
The last words of the second greatest moderator of all time. Shigeru

You Don't Want to Know
You really don't. This thread took me the longest to fix up. It made Dreamweaver crash three times. Shigeru

Counting down to the last days of Rumble City, Fittisize takes us on a stroll down memory lane. Shigeru

Ramble City

Happy Birthday to You...
Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Dear Lazy...Happy Birthday to You. Shigeru

This is a Gay Topic
I'm not kidding. Check it out for yourself. Shigeru

Forum 5 and ROTM

It's Big...Really Big
And this post accomplished its goal of beating the Perfect Dark Countdown, and then some. Shigeru

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The Sandman


code_kev Dark Jaguar




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