View Thread : Favorite Odd-Numbered Trek Movie?

Since the even-numberd ones are so much better it would be unfair to include them...

My favorite odd-numbered Trek movie is definitely The Search For Spock. It's actually a pretty damn good movie, only looked upon by some as being somewhat crappy because it had to follow the superb Wrath of Khan. I also like the first movie since it had such a great unknown feeling to it. The Final Frontier is probably the worst of them but it's really not Shatner's fault. They had an extremely low budget and Paramount added in all of those terribly unfunny jokes. Shatner didn't even get to film the ending, for cryin' out loud! He's been wanted to do a Director's Cut but stupid Paramount won't let him. :(

Generations, well, that movie just makes me want to cry. It had so much potential but they completely dropped the ball. Kirk is the only one of the original cast to appear in the movie for more than a few minutes and when they show him "die" at the beginning of the movie we never get to see the original cast (seen in the beginning of the movie) reunite with him. Such a terrible last movie for the original crew.

Great Rumbler
Generations, and that's mostly because I haven't seen any of the others beside Insurrection, which wasn't good at all. But, why did Kirk get killed by a ROCK?! Couldn't they think of anything better than that?!

They bring him back in the novels.

A Black Falcon
Hmm... haven't seen most of those in quite some time, but I remember liking the first Trek movie... I, at least, thought it was good.

Dark Lord Neo
III was the best one in my opinion
Who can forget such classic lines as
"Klingon Bastards Killed My Son!"
"nobody's here but the computer is talking"
"what's it saying?"
"10, 9, 8 7"
"get out of there"

Yeah I just watched III last night after not having seen it in ages, and it's quite good.

I liked Generations best. Why? Enterprise-B looks kickass.

You liked it just because of the ship?

That's what I said.

Search for Spock was really good too though. It's honestly the best of them all.

Search for Spock was the best of them...Insurrection was just depressing and lousy. Oh GOD how it was lousy. Why can't they make a good one anymore...? Bond films face the same problem, they all suck since 1996-1997.

Die Another Day was entertaining. And just from 1996-1997? :haha:

Die Another Day wasn't a Bond film. Dr. No was gritty and almost realistic. DAD (lol...awesome acronym) was like a fucking science fiction film, and was too PC. Also, that black chick is ugly; they killed the hot blond one. And YES, since 1995...GoldenEye rules. None since then are any good.