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On a new computer, nontheless. I'm guessing none you noticed me being gone over the summer....oh well. Computer broke right at the start of summer, so we got a new computer. It's all good. :)

I see I've dropped a few places in the Fantasy Baseball 18 games back. Damn it.

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Your team did well without you, though... even though you did finish in 5th you beat my team in the first week of the playoffs (last week). So you're still in. :(

Hey fittsy, welcome back! Hope you stay.

Wow, I thought you were gone for good...

Welcome back hun!!

Who are you.

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I can see why you'd forget him... after all, he's only been a member since the week I joined TC... :rolleyes:

Great Rumbler
Hey...isn't he the guy that hates Zelda?


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Hi Fittisisitizize. Sorry, but that sounds kinda cool. You should change your name! :) Good to see you back. Just in time for hockey season, eh?

Never ended for me....:)

And I'm glad to see that I'm doin good in baseball too.

Ah, I wondered why you weren't checking up on fantasy baseball. I guess that means I can invite you back next year. I finished the regular season strong, but I ran into a hot team in the playoffs. Hopefully I can beat ABF to be not as big of a loser. :)

I was just wondering what happened to you, Fittisize! Good to have you back...

...oh, wait...

...we don't agree on a single thing, do we?

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I still don't know how he beat me so badly last week... it wasn't close. :(

Oh, and as for this week... it doesn't matter, its over. 5th or 6th place, who cares...

True. But I'll feel much better ending the season on a winning note. BTW, I'm going to send out an email about this but I might as well get you two thinking about it. I'm just wondering if you have any suggestions for next year's league. I'm thinking about limiting the number of bench players and I'll probably change the categories a bit. I was also toying with the idea of having two leagues: one as a head-to-head league like we have now and another as a rotisserre league. We'd have one draft, but after that you can change the rosters any way you want.

A Black Falcon
What do you mean limiting bench players? You currently have a 21 player limit... which means with a full roster you can have 5 guys on the bench. I used that mostly for 4 pitchers (which I often did rotate during the week)... but 5 bench players doesn't seem like that many...

Oh, and what exactly is a Rotisserie league?

Well, I mean limiting bench players so you can only have like 1 or 2 players on your bench. This way people can't just have a surplus of pitchers and keep picking up pitchers during the week to get their starts. I don't know if I explained that right, but I've been guilty of doing it a few times this year. Truthfully, you don't really need bench players. Most of my bench players this year were just players I was trying to prevent other teams from having. With two DL spots we should still be okay because you can always pick up a new players when one of your's goes on the DL.

A Rotisseree league keeps track of your RBIs, HRs, ERA, etc over the course of the season and ranks you according to the rest of the league. For example, if you ranked first in ERA in a league of ten you would have 10 points from that category. Whoever has the most points at the end of the year wins. I don't like this format as much because it requires a lot less management, but it does paint a truer picture of who has the best team. You can check the rules at Yahoo for more information on Rotisseree leagues.

Yeah, I like the idea of the two leagues. One for who is the better manager, the other for who can pick the better players.

And no football league this year? That sucks.

Well....I just picked up one of the best closers in the game...

Care to explain why you dropped Biddle, DMiller?

Have you seen how's he's been doing the last couple weeks? He has a 5+ ERA for a reason.

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I was just wondering what happened to you, Fittisize!

Pssst- here's a hint - no he doesn't.

And with that, I say... uh... who am I talking to again?


I'll just like, leave now. *walks away tearfully*

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Two leagues... why not...

Laser Link
This way people can't just have a surplus of pitchers and keep picking up pitchers during the week to get their starts.

I really hated when guys would do that.

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What do you mean 'keep picking up pitchers during the week'?

Well, say you were getting blown out in ERA and WHIP early in the week. You could just keep picking up pitchers during the rest of the week to win in wins and strikeouts. People didn't do it as much this year because we included the homerun stat, but it would be totally eradicated if we had very few bench players.

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Ah... yeah, that is kind of cheap...

Private Hudson
Hey, pothead! Welcome back!

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He wasn't even here much of the summer and yet it looks like he's going to win the league... :(