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I attend ECPI TECHNICAL COLLEGE and in class yesterday, 3 older folks in my class were talking about a man who shipped himself from New York to his family who lived in Texas. Upon his arrival at his family's door step, he pops out of the box or whatever he was contained in. Then he gets arrested because he had search warrants out for him in Texas and he was prohibited from being in New York.

Can someone recap me on this story, because i dont know if this is true or what?!

Dark Jaguar
What do you think this is, ?

A Black Falcon

How about checking the news first? It was a major headline a day or two ago...

Way to go being nice to the new guy, folks. :roll2:

Here's this in case someone hasn't done it already:


There is another new guy too me thinks..

Anyways, welcome to the boards!

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But he's not new... he's been here for four months. :)

Wha? Five posts in four months?

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He posted a couple times and left, I think.

Great Rumbler
I read about this in my local paper. That guy's really dumb for doing something as stupid as that.

A Black Falcon
At least afterwards he admitted that it was stupid... :)

that day he was the opening joke on both letterman and leno, and i think he was the topic of the top 10 list.