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So now that I have the greatest computer ever (not quite, but I like it), I can play PC games again! I probably won't be buying a lot of games, but there are a few PC games I always wanted to play but never could before. At the top of that list are WarCraft 3 and Morrowind. And I know that if I don't mention it, every single one of you is going to yell "STARCRAFT" at me.

I've heard a lot about Battlefield 1942, especially a lot of "Best Game of the Year". But I don't know much about it. Oh, and there is of course all the Monkey Island games I missed. I'm not a big FPS fan, but then again, I've never really played one. So any suggestions there?

Oh, and finally, what is a good joystick/gamepad thingy? Last time I bought a PC controller was a Microsoft Sidewinder in 97 or 98, and it didn't work with any of our games. Which made it very useful. :rolleyes: I haven't trusted PC joysticks since, but I'm, sure they have made a lot of improvements.

Dark Jaguar
Hmm, well I can't help you with controllers, as I have a two button joystick "Wingman" from 1994 or so, and a sidewinder controller that's all digital.

However, I will say there's Army Operations which you can download for FREE (since it's essentially the latest commercial for the army). It's pretty fun I'd say, and now they have medics. You can give that a shot if you aren't quite ready to actually pay for an FPS.

Starcraft is something we USED to yell at you (though it's still a good game as it ages well), but now it's mainly Warcraft 3. The gameplay focus is different enough though that you should get both anyway :D.

I've heard good things about Morrowind, but haven't actually got it myself.

Oh, and good luck finding Monkey Island games... I myself just barely managed to find Monkey Island 3 and 4 in a bargain bin a few months ago (along with Grim Fandango).

Since I myself am also fairly recent in the current PC generation, I too need some assistance in knowing what I should be playing. I have the two main killer apps o' the moment (Warcraft 3 (plus Frozen Throne) and Battlefield 1942(no expansion yet)), but aside from that I'm not sure what I should get next. I've been thinking about getting an RPG for a while, but can't decide which one to get. I do know I want Siberia 2, well I think I want it, because it's an actual NEW adventure game which I've heard some good things about.

Battlefield is the first game you should get, definitely. If you even remotely like FPS's you'll love this game. Insanely addictive team-based multiplay.

Morrowind is good if you don't mind the crappy graphics and terrible combat system. I like it because of the great freedom you have in the game.

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Yes, Battlefield is really a fun game and I say this just from playing the offline portion!!

I really liked Morrowind for a time, well actually I think a closer expresion would be "addicted to" because I played it for almost an entire day. After that my addiction began to subside, I guess I burned myself out. I did manage to find some pretty awesome armor and weapons for I quit playing!

It's fun to play around with the Morrowind level editor.

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Warcraft III. Now. Then get SC just because no self-respecting fan of strategy gaming should be without it... I at least think that it is a better game than WC3, overall. :)

Joysticks? I don't know. But if you want a gamepad, I recommend Saitek's p880... its what I have (I think OB1 has one too, not sure), and its quite good...

Dark Jaguar
Hmm, after Frozen Throne I personally find WC3:FT to just plain outdo SC:BW. Just get both and get it over with :D. Then get Battlefield. I say this because from what you have said you are a bigger fan of RTS then you are of FPS. In fact, from what you have said of how little you enjoy FPS games, that's why I recommend the free Army game first before actually paying for anything (though you could just download the free demo of Battlefield if you are wanting free, and who doesn't).

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Score! I just found brand new versions of WarCraft III, Morrowind, and Monkey Island 3, plus shipping, for a combined total of just $60. *does happy dance* Battlefield was still pretty expensive, and these games will last me a long while, me thinks. So by then the price for Battlefield will be down. Sounds like a great game though.

A Black Falcon
Nice! Now all you need is WC3:TFT (don't say "I'll get it after I finish WC3" because then you might not get it... and just like SC:BW, its pretty much needed since it makes the thing a complete game... :) ) and SC: Battlechest and you'll be all set...

Oh, and Monkey Island 3 is great. Best game in the series. The only Lucasarts adventures I definitely like more are Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis and Grim Fandango...