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This is one of the greatest restaurants ever. If not for In 'n Out, it might be the greatest restaurant. And today was "free burritos for college students day", and that made me very happy. So what do you guys think? Do they even have Chipotles where you live?

There are Chipoltes where I grew up, but not here at school. And yes, they are awesome.

we don't have much of anything in this city, except trendy expensive clothing stores and a star bucks.

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I haven't seen either of the places you just mentioned ever... Let's see, one I can't pronounce, and one with the same name as a very bad movie.

There's one right near the University but I've yet to eat there. I'll try it out this weekend.

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Never heard of either of those.

"He lives in North Hollywood on Radford, near the In-and-Out Burger."

I haven't seen an In-and-Out Burger before, but I've heard of them. My favorite fast-food place has to be Portillos. I don't think there are any outside of the Midwest, but the Italian Beefs there are the best I've had anywhere. The hot dogs are really good too, but there are lots of good hot dog places around Chicago. No place can touch Portillos Italian Beefs.

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You will know that somebody is from California if you say <a href="" color=#ff0000>In-n-Out</a> and they instantly begin drooling.

So, what's an Italian Beef? Sounds good, being that it involves the words "Italian" and "Beef".

Ah! You don't even know what an Italian Beef is?! I'm shocked. I guess you must not have many Italian Beef places out West. Italian Beef is pretty much roast beef with seasonings dipped in an au ju sauce or brown gravy. A lot of people put peppers and mozarella cheese on them, but other than that the Chicago restaurants don't usually put anything else on them. The beef is good enough to stand on it's own. Portillo's has a website ( where they describe Italian Beef a bit. They even ship food around the country from the website. It's expensive, but a lot of people do it. My relatives in California tell us to ship them Portillo's and Lou Malnati's (one of Chicago's best pizza places) all the time.

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Hmm, Italian Beef? Sounds like something I'd like to after you described it... Mmm... I love having dangerously high metabolism. Excuse me as I eat a box of little debbie snacks in one sitting :D.

Anyway, I've heard of In-N-Out actually. Someone from Texas at another message board went into detail about it. Apparently they have little scripture numbers printed on the food packeging. Not the actual scripture itself, just the coding used to look it up. (I wonder who added that to the Bible anyway? Sure makes it convenient to find stuff, though at times I wonder if the person or persons creating the refference system knew exactly where they should devide passages.) Essentially, they let one know about passages without actually telling them stuff they don't care to read while eating, plus it's privatly owned and all so what YOU gonna do about it? I'd love to eat there sometime because I've heard that, as a chain, it's much better than most. I've heard that the employees actually care about making decent food. This might be a result of another thing I heard, about the employees having decent wages and their opinions actually being cared about. It's amazing revolutionary management thinking like that that may turn that chain into a major one sometime. But, it's not major in my book until I see one around me.

Chipoltes sounds like a great restaurant too. Is it fast food or slow food? Either way, I have a hard time seeing it match the truly amazing quality of a local restaurant here in Tulsa that serves all manner of Mexican food. I forget the name of it, but it's ALWAYS completely and totally packed. One time, I actually went in there surprised to see that I was only 5 people away from the register! There's a reason you walk into the place just to find a MASSIVE hallway dominating the front of the restaurant :D. Anyway, the sheer goodness of the food (and yes, it's a hot plate, NO that doesn't mean grab it! It's a frickin' voodoo mind trick with the hot plates..., not even a Jedi could get someone to not grab it after saying it's hot) is beyond words. Plus, it's got an arcade full of "classic games", and a waterfall and cave thingy, and stuff, and um, the roof kinda looks like a sky. Oh, and something more restaurants should do (only a few others have this system), the little flag you raise so you can actually summon the attention of a waiter fairly quickly.

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That does sound good Derek. I'm getting hungry again...

Chipotle is like a fast food restaurant. It's not like a traditional Mexican restaurant at all. The only have like 4 items, Burritos, Fajita burritos, tacos, and something where they just throw all the ingredients into a bowl. But it's so good., and absolutely HUGE.