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Private Hudson

Utterly amazing. And the weirdest thing is, these screens dont do justice to the movies that are available.


Dark Jaguar
It looks like they have found some pretty nice techniques to get some nice quality out of the PS2.

Anyway, those pics show some pretty messed up stuff. That one thing with the sickle arms looks like he'd be your friend for like an hour, then it'd kill you and steal your toys, and turn the toys into evil traps, and then it would set them in it's dungeon lair, so when people come in, they set off these traps and it's like "Oh no! An evil toy trap!".

Sacred Jellybean
This... just... might force me to get a PS2.

Wow. :eek:

Looks like SOMEONE got the hang of the Emotion engine.

Now if only they would share their knowledge with other PS2 third parties.... maybe some backwards engineering could help them out too. These twilight days of the PS2 will see some games that will compare easily to first and second generation Gamecube and XBox games, that'll push it's life span as well. As long as they try to anyway.

I know 3 people who work on the emotion engine at my school and what they said about is uplifting and depressing. Apparently it's like a windows user being forced to use Linux without a GUI. But the abilities are amazing and are vastly untapped. I wonder if the PS3 will reuse the same emotion engine.

On that same note, the Gamecube is apparently suffering from the same untapped treatment. I dont know all the details but it looks like a marketing ploy on Nintendo's front. Weird City.

I feel so important now that I get to work alongside actual third parties and developers. :D I'm all, in the zone yo

Great Rumbler
Konami doesn't skimp on weird and disturbing do they?

Originally posted by Great Rumbler
Konami doesn't skimp on weird and disturbing do they?

To say that's an understatement is to make an understatement itself.

Everyone should play this game.

well i cant sleep so here i am

anyways i was just reading about konami. There's a rumor that they're developing for gamecube and they want to release silent hill's series remade ala resident evil remake. in other words, the first one being redone and then releasing the next two in the series basically as ports. I also found out that silent hill 4 is already in production.

If they do develop for gamecube i'll finally be able to enjoy silent hill

Private Hudson
Just get a frickin' Playstation you dingaling chicken wing.

Dark Jaguar
lazy is a hypocrit! Haha! I've been saving this quote for the time he would, and I knew he would, go against it.

Someone who believes that less exclusivity for any console in any way could be seen as good in any way, needs to be shot in the dick hole.

So lazy, it seems you think this act of less exclusivity for the PS2 would be good in some way eh?

Well, ready the dwarven riflemen!

Dwarf: Locked and loaded!