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alien space marine
who watches it?

I would much rather skip enterprise and go straight to Stargate SG-1 , Ok the FX are budgeted but hell way better stories.
No annoying ship just jump in and jump out.

The Movie was cool this is show is cool too.

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I like how the people have such fake looking facial expressions. Watch the face of the guy with the glasses for an entire episode, he always has two facial expressions: 'I don't have a good feeling about this', and 'Hmmm.'

Still, the show is entertaining. Especially if there's nothing better on tv.

Great Rumbler
I haven't seen the series, but I have watched the movie, which is pretty cool.

Oglethorpe: No! It's a Fargate! Not that thing from that movie that I haven't seen!

A Black Falcon
Good show. Not much like the movie, but that's alright because the show is better than the movie... :) But yes, Stargate SG-1 is a good show. Not as good as Trek, though...

Dark Jaguar
But what about the Stargate... I mean Fa-

FARGATE! It's a Fargate, because I have never seen that movie or that syndicated series they had for a while. But it is a good movie, and series. Hey let's go watch it. Turn on the TV.

alien space marine
The guy with the Glasses is Daniel Jackson, Last episode he ended up in a alternate demension, By looking in a mirror.

One thing that bugs me about stargate Sg-1 is that alot of the planets look exactly like canada.

For those dont understand stargate Sg-1 here is a small description without spoiling to much.

In the Movie they found the stargate burried in the sand in Egypt and they discoverd that it waisnt from earth.So they with the aid of Daneil Jackson restore it in the U.S and get it working again.
They eventually go through the stargate and whiz through a worm hole and end up on a strange planet called Arbitos.

Everyone on Arbitos are decendants of Abducted humans namely ancient Egyptian ones.Then they are attacked by a army of warriors serving a evil Entity called Raal. Raal was a Ghould alien who had possed the body of a young Egyptian Boy.
Raal threatens to Invade earth and enslave everyone so they
go battle Raal and end up nuking him and of couse he is obliterated.

Daneil Jackson stays behind on Arbitos to learn about its people, The corneil in charge leaves and has the Stargate on arbitos Coverd in with sand so no one can use it.

They return home .

10 years later a group of aliens went throuh the stargate and raided the U.S installation holding it in the attempt to abduct woman.

The strange serpent men leave back through the stargate. Then the U.S goverment gathers everyone who was part of the early project, To search for the Kidnaped Sgt who was taken.

They discover that the aliens werent from Arbitos and that Raal waisnt the only one of his species, Daneil Jackson comes back to help them after being declared dead for 10 years.

It is Raal's Brother and rival Apotheus that is responsible for the raids.

Dark Jaguar
What's with the guy with the symbol on his head? Is he made of poorly designed latex makeup or what? Not that I've ever seen the show mind you, because it's the FARgate!

Worst. Show. Ever.:shakeit:

alien space marine
You mean the black guy who is a Alien name Te'aok.

All unbelievers shall be put into a portal into hell!

Whiped by Micheal Jacksons monkey, Shown the worse episodes of the golden girls and then fried in a stove and then showerd with hot sauce.

Dumped into a pool of hot molten lead, taken out and beaten upside down like a pinyota.Then will be molested by a Catholic priest repeatedly.

Then he will poked and probed untill his ass bleeds, then he will be forced to eat his own bloodly shit drink his own pee and every part of bodily waste Imaginable.

You will then be burried alive underground with a little one year night light which will burn out by the time you go mad.

You will be dug up and your corpse will be urinated and then defacated apon, Your body will be cut into pieces and then draged into the streets then repeatedy spit on.

Your body parts will be burned into ashes and then turned into clay since will be cleansed with more hot piss. Then it will be put into a capsule and sent to the sun to be finally obliterated.

Thats only your body.

Your Soul will traped into Hellfire forever , Your ghostly body will be molested by condemned souls of evil catholic priests and then your ass will be used a Napkin holder, Spanked repeatedly untill it is green.

Poked in the face with used Tampons and then whiped with a giant board with a nail in it.

Elvis and JFK will ride you like a horse untill your spine snaps into two.All the dead People will use you as a table stray, John lennon will sing songs about your torture but then laugh at you for going through it.

You will be skined and then force to use your skin to clean the floor.

You will then be lockewd away into a black hole never to be seen again.


A Black Falcon
Isn't it Te'alc? :)

I think ASM finally cracked.

alien space marine
The black dude name is hard to spell or pronounce.
I think you didnt write it right either, I think it is Teal'c or somthing,I just checked their site.

They eventually go through the stargate and whiz through a worm hole and end up on a strange planet called Arbitos.
Abydos! ABYDOS!

alien space marine
I actually I know the correct spelling I just didnt know it then.