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Dark Jaguar
Wanna know something about Kingdom Hearts 2? Well...

Ya better read something ELSE then, because you won't be getting ANY info about it from this interview! You'll get some about FF7-AC though. Really, they are better at dodging questions than Nintendo here.

Great Rumbler
DPM: None of the worlds of Disney in Kingdom Hearts II have been revealed. Will it be possible to go through different worlds in Kingdom Hearts II as well?

TN: Of course. The number of worlds in Kingdom Hearts II shouldn't be less than Kingdom Hearts, so please look forward to it. Kingdom Hearts II will have new worlds, and some worlds from Kingdom Hearts will be in the game.

DPM: Will Twilight Town hold the same kind of standpoint in the game, like Traverse Town from Kingdom Hearts?

TN: I can't answer that question, but it is definitely a town that plays an important role and comes into the scenario.

DPM: The illustration (of Twilight Town) has a building that looks like a train station. Will it be possible to go to other worlds by riding on this train?

TN: I can't answer that question yet, but that building has an important meaning.

DPM: Is the island that has been revealed (through a recently released photo) Destiny Island from Kingdom Hearts?

TN: Probably. (Laughs) I can't reveal details yet, so users should try using their imagination.

DPM: Kingdom Hearts II's main illustration shows Mickey Mouse, but will he be appearing at the beginning of the game?

TN: Mickey Mouse will be handled in a special way in Kingdom Hearts II, so I can't answer details at the current time.

DPM: Will Sora's friends, Riku and Kairi, appear in Kingdom Hearts II?

TN: A major point to Kingdom Hearts II is whether or not Sora will be able to see them again. So I can't answer that question.

DPM: It seems that there are characters that appear in both the GBA game and KHII?

TN: There are characters that make their first appearances in the GBA game, but please wait for additional news releases for information on them.

Tslk about a poinltess interview.

I just got Kingdom Hearts last night since it finally dropped to $20.