View Thread : An awesome deal at Babbages

Today is the last day for the deal, but I thought I'd let you know anyhow.

If you bring in any two used PS2 games (aside from pre-2003 sports titles and wrestling games), you get a brand-new copy of The Getaway for free on wednesday. This deal only applies for pre-orders, but I heard some Babbages clerks saying that you could get $40 credit for DMC 2 so it might work for that as well.

Yesterday I went with my friend to Blockbuster to buy some of their $10 used games so that we could trade them in and get a profit of $20 store credit. If I like the game I'll keep it, but if I don't I could always return it and get $40 in store credit. My friend doesn't want the game so he's just going to return it and get the store credit so that he can buy Unreal 2.