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Great Rumbler
Okay, I don't really know much about this game, but I saw it today at Wal-Mart and it looked very funny. It's sort of RPG/RTS where you control a knight who has to save the kingdom from evil and presumably make jokes in the process. The box also mentioned something about protecting the kingdom's most precious resource, which is milk btw.

So, if anyone gets it be sure to tell us about it because it looks like something I might get.

No clue. Gamerankings doesn't even list it.

Great Rumbler
Well, I know I saw it at Wal-mart. But...I might have remembered that name wrong. I do know, however, that it ended with "...A Knight".

I found it!

It's actually titled Once Upon a Knight (

Great Rumbler

Now I'll just go and change the name of the thread.

Now it's ruined!

Don't we now have to officially endorse it? The TC cow is often absent but who knows if not doing so would incur its terrible wrath?

I bet DJ knows, but she likes secrets.

Dark Jaguar
Yes I do. Why should I share some little secret just because "the very existance of our fair city depends on that knowledge"? How selfish of you! :D

Nah, the cow's cool either way, I think...

Weltall: I thought you said you knew!

DJ: I said no such thing!

Weltall: You said it right at the start of this post!

DJ: Oh, well I also said I didn't, so you never know...

Weltall: Yes I do! I know for certain! It's right there!

DJ: Do you doubt the truth of the "ya never know" saying, that has been passed down from 80 year old waiter to acne covered fry cook for 2 whole generations?!

Weltall: Um, yes.

DJ: Oh....

Great Rumbler
The cow must be appeased!!