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alien space marine
It would be amazing show casing the special effects and having such a deep rich story and universe , To me would be a perfect game.

the only thing I found on the internet was a moded home brewed game of SG1 off the tribes 2 engine.They did have pretty stellar skin model for one of the aliens but there enviroments are little bland,Unless its just a early build.

A Black Falcon
Yeah, a SG-1 game would be cool... the only Stargate game I can remember ever made was some bad SNES/Genesis platformer based on the movie. :(

Mods are great. If you really want an SG-1 game then perhaps you should make one! Learn how to model, animate, or program and then get some buddies together to make a mod or a brand-new game. That's what I'm doing with some friends of mine. Right now we're working on a little 2D game from scratch, but I also plan on making a Western mod for Far Cry or HL2 since I really wish there were more Western-themes games out there. :)

alien space marine
A freind of mine works for Ubi soft, Infact I was astonished as i had not seen him in a long time, But he was one of those nintendo dorks who would play games untill his eyes bleed.

I am hoping to learn the trade myself, That Stargate SG1 game even for a mod looks like a blast but I guess it isnt legal though.

I just rented stargate movie recently, Looks like it would have lots of potential as a game.If I would make it I would allow the player to travel to different worlds however and whenever he pleased ,Just with a decent story to go with it.

The reason most movie based games suck , Is really the game itself is just a sales pitch to promote the movie or cash in on it.The developers have very little time or motivation to make a decent product.
But Goldeneye was proof it can work both ways.

A Black Falcon
Huh... cool. And as for the Stargate game... well its a liscenced game based on a movie on the SNES. Those were all bad... all liscenced games are. Oh, sure, plenty of them have potential to be good... but the companies that make them don't try. They just try to finish them so they can get paid, because they know because of the name it'll sell... :(

Goldeneye is an exception, in many ways. For one, it came out WAY after the movie...