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A Black Falcon

Microprose is dead. Yeah, yeah, since they were bought by Infogrames ("Atari") a few years back they really haven't existed... well actually I'd say that their death was made certain years back when Sid Meier left... but still. Microprose is one of the great old companies in the PC industry and seeing them die, even at this point when they barely still existed... barely is better than none. :(

Who's next, Interplay? They are in some ways in a similar position... like Microprose they're a company with a great back-catalog of PC games, but who are owned by a French multinational and have had their founders and top talent leave... I really, really hope they make it. Especially since so many of the older companies are gone... Looking Glass, Microprose, 3D0 (er, New World Computing, anyway...)... and looking at the current state of Interplay and Sierra... its depressing. All the companies I used to love seem to be gone... or changed so much that they aren't recognizable (see ID and Epic...).

R.I.P. Microprose, one of the great strategy/simulation game developers. May Firaxis and PopTop (Railroad Tycoon...) continue your legacy well.

Dark Jaguar
It's really hard to care when a company that died on the inside finally dies on the outside... Well, hard to care about that in and of itself. However, I can see what you mean. Somehow one can at least have a blind hope that maybe as long as the name still remainns that the company could someday return to what it was, but when it completely dies that chance is gone.

However, at the very least the real hope is for all that talent to get together again.

A Black Falcon
Yeah... its the hope that in the future that name could come back and be what it once was, really. I know that they've been going downhill since Sid left in '96 or '97 (when they merged with Spectrum Holobyte), but still... in those years they've released some pretty good games. Not as good as their older stuff... but they were there. What I think about this... its just like my feelings about Midway closing their arcade development wing. Were they great anymore? They were okay... not great. They'd been great a few years before, but had gone downhill fast as Midway got out of the arcade business... it wasn't because of that NBA game that I was sad about that. It was about the fact that Midway had closed the studio that was the direct decendent of the arcade division of the real Atari, so many years back... a studio with that history, gone forever... same as Microprose here. Its sad. :(

But yes, when Sid, Brian Reynolds, and Jeff Briggs all left some time after Civ 2, Microprose clearly had lost its greatest talents. And yes, Firaxis (Sid and Jeff Briggs, now, since Brian Reynolds left, started his own company, and made Rise of Nations) really is the successor to Microprose since the three went there... but its just not the same.

And Civilization II is still the best TBS ever.

Great Rumbler
Another game they made that was cool was Master of Magic. It was kind of like Civilization set in a fantasy world. That game was awesome. Also, Colonization, Civilization set during the colonial period, was another good game.

A Black Falcon
I have Master of Magic... good game, like Civ meets HOMM. :)

And how about Master of Orion... one of the best, if not the best, space strategy game ever...

Great Rumbler
I haven't played Master of Orion, but I've heard that the series is pretty good.

A Black Falcon
Yes, it is good... turn-based galactic grand strategy. Conquer the universe... well that's the most fun way to win anyway. :D

alien space marine
star trek birth of the federation was also a excellent turned based game.