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A Black Falcon
Disciples II: Rise of the Elves

Cool! I love Disciples... and this is the first race added to the game since they made Disciples I. And as usual, the artwork is simply amazing... I want this game! Guardians of the Light and Servants of the Dark were dissapointing since all they did were add two 3-mission campaigns each (and include the original D2's campaigns for that side) and some single maps, and no new units or anything...

This seems to still include the original D2 campaigns (so its stand-alone), but its got a new 8-mission Elves campaign... and its a whole new race! Awesome... :) I'll be getting this, I love Disciples. IMO its the best current TBS series.

Also, a new stand-alone add-on for Jagged Alliance 2.

A Black Falcon

Didn't think anyone cared... well about Disciples, anyway. No one here plays fantasy TBSes. (but anyone who likes strategy games should at least try a demo of Disciples...)

Also... Sure, its not a new Jagged Alliance game, but its more than most people were expecting... :)

I played Master of Orion.........I'll go now.

*clap clap... clap..... clap*