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How come nobody's made a thread on this yet? You lazy bunch of... *mumbles*

Here are out two new heroes, the sexy Ashe and the uh... the sexy... Vaan, who appears to be a man. I think. I'm confused.

The game is also going to take place in Ivalice, the world from FF Tactics. Cool, huh?


A Black Falcon
Square must have something against main characters that wear clothes... :)

A Black Falcon
Article about the presentation. :)

Its by the guy who made both Final Fantasy Tactics games, and Vagrant Story... oh, just read the article. Its good. Sounds like a really different FF game this time... as would be expected when its by the guy who made those three games. More adult, less romantic, it seems.

Also more images. :)

Great art style... inspired by Mediterranean architecture, Turkish in particular, the article says. And they comment that it looks like some of the stuff in the Star Wars prequels. Which it does, I'd say... :)

I'm really looking forward to this one.

Great Rumbler
Vaan does look rather...womanish.

Very. :)

A Black Falcon
Yes. But this game could be pretty good... change is good. Interesting, having some of the people behind the Tactics games making it...

Excellent graphics...but why does that chick always have her finger on her nose?

A Black Falcon
I think that those are actualy all the same image... the only other image of her here has her hand under her chin. :)

Great Rumbler
Originally posted by Fittisize
Excellent graphics...but why does that chick always have her finger on her nose?

I was wondering about that too. :D

alien space marine
Damn it I nerely got FFX-2 today ,Just dont have enough cash.

I hope Sqaure takes a history lesson and try to incorporate what FFVII suceeded in and not go to far off the spectrum.

I really wish they would change the cliche boy meets girl and then you save the world cycle.

Lets get a bad girl and then toss in a amazing legendary hero who is unfortunately a nerd but still gets the ladies and all the glory.

A Black Falcon
Thisone is supposed to have no romance and the girl main character wants vengeance... as the article I linked said...

Hey, interview. :)

alien space marine

Ashe is cute... but what's up with those hips? They're incredibly oversized. It looks like she gave birth to a fully-grown man.

Wow. :eek:

Private Hudson
I want!!

A Black Falcon
Bunch of new images.

I'm too lazy to actually post the images and stuff from the link. Just click.

This is from Magicbox today. (hint: some of it makes more sense if you've clicked the link...)

Fran is a woman of the Viera race, she is a reliable person. She has strong fencing and grapple skills.
Balflear is a 22 year old Hume, he will play a good part of the story. He is a partner of Fran, and he became Vaan's companion early in the game.
There will be many other important but non-playable characters in the game
As mentioned before, the new graphic engine in the game will use less polygons but give higher quality 3D graphics
Airships are important in the game, since the map is considerable wide.
The camera angel in the field and dungeons can be changed manually.
To distinguish between different races, the appearance of the dialog subtitles will be different.
The battle system is said to be like Final Fantasy X-2 plus various new elements.
In the battle, you can equip gems in the gem slots, the effects are not yet announced.
Some elements from FFX and FFXI will be applied to FFXII, thanks to the help from production team 1 & 2 who worked on the two games in the game.