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lay siege to the fortresses of this forum!! *His chimp shock troops begin shelling the borders of Tendo Cty*

Great Rumbler
Emperor Great Rumbler of the Alpha Centauri Federation of Planter (ACFP) sends a small regiment of heavy-armor assault mechs in a frontal attack against SUMM's chimp troops.

As the heavy-armor assault mecha attempt to engage the shock chimps heavy artillary positioned on mountaintops near the border bombard them with depleated uranium shells causing heavy damage.

Great Rumbler
Just as the shock chimps believe their victory is close at hand 10 waves of 70 bombers each descend on SUMM's shock chimps and heavy artillery. The bombers proceed to carpet-bomb the entire area. The shock chimps attempt to flee, but soon come under fire from Emperor Great Rumbler's imperial navy, which had just dropped from the cover of a cloud bank, consisting 20 capital ships, 32 frigattes, 10 spacecraft carriers, and almost 1000 small fighters. A large assault group of heavy artillery and fire mechs push the shock chimps into the open. An enourmous battle of epic proportions ensues.

SUMM from the bridge of his command ship located deep within chimp territory orders the 21st Orangutan Mecha Division and the 33rd Monkey AirBorn Unit into the battle. In addition he orders the 2nd Chimp Battle Fleet to move in.

Since when did we have fortresses? I think I need to have words with the Goron on the allocation of treasury funds...

*Attempt to enlist Canada as an allie to Chimperland*

Great Rumbler
Cananda lends it's entire army, 2 guys with BB guns, to Chimpland.

Emperor Great Rumbler entires the entire royal fleet of the ACFP, totalling nearly 38 thousand ships, to converge on SUMM's position. The ACFP Dreadnaught into position about 1000 miles above Tendocity.

ACFP Dreadnaught specs [for those who don't already know]:

Classification: Super Capital-Ship

Engine: 4 fusion powered Ultranium class engines capable of near light-speed travel.

Dimensions: 2.2 miles long, 2000 feet high, 3500 feet wide.

Weaponry: 200 ion cannons, 800 regular laser batteries, 1200 fighters, 430 bombers, and 2 Planet Buster class fission lasers.

SUMM knowing the ACFP Dreadnaught cound be the deciding factor in this war chooses to personally command the ship that engages it in combat. His Capital ship The Warhammer (Hey your big ship gets a cool name so does mine ;) ) Posting specs in the same format as you.

UCF (United Chimp Federation) Warhammer specs

Classification: C13 Class Capital-Ship

Engine: 1 Matter/Anti-Matter powered "Doomsday" class engine for weapon power and shelds, 4 Fission Powered Thermonuke Class Engines for thrust, Capable of 1/4 Light speed 1/2 in short bursts.

Dimensions: 1.5 miles long, 1300 feet high, 2000 feet wide.

Weaponry: 50 Fusion Torpedo Launchers, 150 Laser Cannons Turbo Charged directly from the Matter/Anti-Matter powered "Doomsday" class engine giving each laser the power of 3 conventional laser weapons. 600 unmanned droid fighters. 300 Manned Fighters, 350 Bombers, 10 Droid Controlled "Flying Bombs" each containing a 5 Gigaton Hydrogen Bomb. (Warning aim away from earth)

Shields: Gravity Deflector Shield capable of damping and redirecting most Beam Weapons to some extent.

Great Rumbler
As the Warhammer moves closer to the Dreadnaught, the Dreadnaughts front portion begins to open. SUMM starts to fire on the Dreadnaught. The Dreadnaught's previously unknown anti-matter sheilding system comes on line and spread out over the ship. The front portion opens all the way and what look like to large blaters come one of the Dreadnaught. Then the Dreadnaught transforms into a giant robot, grabs the two blasters and fires the Planet Buster cannons as the Warhammer. The Warhammer is totally obliterated. SUMM barely escapes.

Altho it appears the Warhammer was oblitterater the shields managed to redirect the Planet Buster cannon blast enough to keep the Matter/Anti-Matter engine intact. It begins to dawn on the Dreadnaught's crew as the reminents of the aft section with engine are carried at nearly 1/4 Light Speed toward them. In the near destroyed engine room a single monitor is still active. An ominous message flashes rapidly. "Anti-Matter shielding failing evacuate" The Dreadnaught attempts to change course but the power drain was to great. With seconds to spare the engine emits a final radio tranmission from a transmitter within the engine.

"You are about to be converted to a rapidly expanding cloud of atoms, Have a nice day :)"

With that the shielding breaches, all of the matter and Anti-Matter destroys each other, and a massive blast of pure energy is released.

Great Rumbler
The energy cloud blasts through the Dreadnaughts shields. Emperor Great Rumbler orders the Dreadnaught to initiate a full reverse. The energy cloud, moving roughly the speed of light, rips through several sections of the Dreadnaught before it can escape.

Aboard his escape ship Warhammer Turd SUMM watches the fireworks. He decides to return to Chimpland to command his forces. "Helmsmen return the Warhammer Turd to..." He stops for a moment. ""Who the hell named this thing?!" He shakes his head. " Ah screw it, return to home base" With that the Warhammer Turd returns escorted by 3 carriers to Chimpland..

Dark Jaguar

Wait a sec, where are my pandas? Oh right... drunk...

Well, I summon the evil cyborg empress!

Great Rumbler

Dark Jaguar
Meanwhile, I hide.

While the forces of Tendo City are standing around confused and bewildered by DJ's rather oddness SUMM meets with his Generals abord the newly renamed Mini-Warhammer.

General Chimpy II: Oh oh ahh ahh ah!

SUMM: For the last time choaking their rivers with our poop is not only a poor tactic its also just icky!

General Orangutan: Oh oh oh, ohh ohh ohh!

SUMM; We're not blowing up the sun!

General Orangutan: Oh oh oh?

SUMM: We want to kill the enemy, not all life on earth
Canadian General: Why don't we flood their lands with mapel syrup eh?

SUMM: Put that in the possible basket.

Laser Link
Then suddenly, Canada exploded!

Dark Jaguar
Did the evil cyborg empress die?

Well, guess that just leaves the evil wizard...

Great Rumbler

*Dispatches a research and salvage team to Canada* *They return with the wreckage of several 50ft Atomic Ninja Robots* *Chimp scientists begin reverse-enginearing their technology*