View Thread : Weltall you used to be a rabid Sony fanboy tell me some good PS1 games?

I'm short on cash at the moment. Rather they completely blowing my game budget on one new GC game I figure I'd get a couple cheap PS1 games from EB. (Those idiots gave me 15$ for a Tomb Raider game worth like 3$ *chuckle*)

Great Rumbler
While I'm not a rabit Sony fan, I do have a large collection of good PS1 games.

FF7, 8, 9
FF Tactics
Star Ocean 2
Tales of Destiny
Front Mission 3
Valkyrie Profile
Both of the Lunar games
Incredible Crisis [very funny game]
Breath of Fire 3,4
Metal Slug X

A Black Falcon
Er... Lunar is good. :) Castlevania SotN too... Legend of Mana, the Mega Man X4-6 games, FF Tactics...

The only PS1 game I actually gave a damn for was Chrono Cross.

Best game ever, especially if you've played Chrono Trigger.

Sacred Jellybean
Silent Hill.


You know I better tell you what PS1 games I own...
Resident Evil 3
Silent Hill (Looks at Sacred Jellybean)
Dino Crisis
Chrono Cross (Looks at Fittisize)
Lunar 1
Legend of Dragoon
Final Fantasy 9

alien space marine
I used to be a fledging sony fan boy under Welty , But now I cant even stand my ps2, If it werent for FFX2 I would probaily sell it.

Lunar and Lunar2.
Rock old school!

FFIX is great!

I heard alot of good about Crono Cross.

But might I suggest that you trade if not already old games for new ones, It might save you from stretching your budget.

My own personal recommendations SINCE HE ASKED ME.


As Beano said, Silent Hill DEFINITELY.

After that,

Final Fantasy VII
Star Ocean: The Second Story
Tales of Destiny (1, not 2)
Breath of Fire III (not IV)
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Gran Turismo (1, not 2)
Metal Gear Solid

When you're done with those, you might check out the other two FF games.

Great Rumbler
Breath of Fire 4 was a good game, although not as good as the third one.

Dark Jaguar
I'd wait on MGS, since the remake's coming out.