View Thread : Push Start Button #1

Dark Jaguar
I have no idea how to make the odd kind of thread that GR makes for his comics, so I'll just have to make a normal thread here for it.


Dark Jaguar

Great Rumbler
Hahaha! That's hilarious!

"Rhinos aren't even from here!!"


A Black Falcon
Does response go here, or should it be in the big comics thread? Or both? I don't know... I mean we have a thread but we have a forum too... and it's easier to sort responses when each comic is in a thread, but easier to see which comics are new when they're all in the same one...

Dark Jaguar
Um, whatever.

So um, did you like it or what?

Hey GR, how DO I put up comics like you did?

Great Rumbler
I don't know. That's just the way my section is set up to handle new threads.

Actually now that I've went back and checked my section it's now set up the same as your's.