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Great Rumbler
Now you have an entire thread of your own where you can talk about Civilization 3!


Um... go Civilization!!!

alien space marine
I game I enjoyed alot like Civilizations was Startrek birth of the federation, You play as 5 races Cardassians,feringi,Klingions, Humans, Romulans. You start off with one planet and two ships and then you have to explore the galaxy ,Teraforming and colonizing and Conquering Alien worlds , You also can convince alien cultures to Join your empire and they will give you there planets and Technologies.Each Race you play as has a different approach to how you go about your business , The feringi are only interested in wealth and they have less powerful ships but their economy is so whealthy they can build larger amounts of ships.The Federation is about deplomacy and scientific research. The Cardassian Union is about conquest and are alot like the Nazis of earth past, The Klingions are about Conquest as well but they have a code of honnor to abide by and they hate breaking agreements.

A Black Falcon
That's a MOO (Master of Orion)-style game -- the other kind of 4X (the four parts of grand strategy games... but I forget what they are specifically...) game. MOO, Star Wars Rebellion, that game, Stars, etc... there are at least as many of them are there are games that copied Civ and probably more.

alien space marine
It was a fun game regardless, I am actually interested in masters of Orion is it any good? :type:

A Black Falcon
Fans of the series seem to like the first MOO better than the two sequels, but I haven't played them enough to really know...