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Ah. The comic that rejuvenated the previously short lived avatar comic phenomenon. I got the idea of ava-comics from another message board and decided to bring it over to Tendo City. I was surprised how well idea went over. But roughly a week later, September 11th came along. My mood and that of others quickly changed and the comics quietly died out...

Then one day a couple years later I thought it would be fun to edit the Mario sprite from Super Mario Bros. to look naked. No, I wasn't fulfilling some strange, erotic fantasy. I saw someone make a pitiful naked Mario sprite, and I knew I could do a much better job.

So that's how this comic (my first of a new series) came to be: (see bottom of post for attached comic)

I posted it at Tendo City and inadvertently relaunched the comic phenomenon. While most are taking the traditional avatar comic route, I'll be working on <i>The Adventures of Trailer Trash Mario</i>, featuring his goomba sidekick. Though I don't have many comics as of now, I do plan on continuing this series.

<i>Comic originally posted 2003-07-30</i>

I didn't stop with editing Mario to look naked. Here's a sprite sheet I posted showing some of my latest creations.

Note: some of these sprites are outdated and no longer used. (Mainly the trailer trash sprites which now have a fuller mullet) I'll just post this for archival purposes, as well as the fact I don't want to make an updated sprite sheet at the moment. :p