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Dark Jaguar
...make an accurate comprehensive timeline of the events in their life based on video game release dates? Sadly enough, by linking major points in my life with video games I was playing at the same time (and often times the two were one and the same :D), and checking release dates found on GameFAQs (after checking out the official game sites I've found that GameFAQs release dates are correct, or at least correct for each game I checked out), I've been able to find out exactly what year I was doing each thing I've done in my life (and using the season I remember it being, be even more specific). I've been surprised how off I was in my memories thinking I knew what year it was (for instance realizing that a certain game was released AFTER the year I remember playing it).

I think this is the nerdiest thing I've done yet...

A Black Falcon
Haven't you mentioned this before? :)

And why not? I have several like that...

I do similar stuff all the time. I don't always use video games for this kind of stuff, but I do often think of what was happening in the world at the time or what TV show I was watching and when the episode aired... or whatever. I also recall what grade I was in at the time. (For example, the only reason I know I got my cat in 1992 was because I first saw him when I came home from school when I was in first grade, which was the 1992-93 school year.)

A Black Falcon
I only know 5th grade was 1994-1995 because I got my Game Boy, SML, Kirby 1, and Lost Vikings for PC christmas '94... :) And I don't remember the year, but a year or two (in the summer) after that when I think of our trip to Virginia I think of Kirby's Pinball Land because we spent a lot of time playing that game...

I remember I was introduced to Ocarina of Time while I was in 7th grade, which was 1998-1999 because one of the kids asked me if I had played it, and I had rented it the previous day. I remember buying it in July of 1999 because I remember while I was trying to get through the Deku Tree, my parents interrupted me during my game (a fatal mistake 90% of the time) to tell me to come see the Fourth of July fireworks.

I'm the same way, DJ. If I forget when I did something I think about what game I played at the time, and that way I can usually figure out a precise date. :D

We're such dorks.

A Black Falcon
Yup! :)

I am not ashamed of being a dork either. It's better than being an idiot like all these fad followers that surround me.

It's actually not that odd of a thing to do. When something like video games are a big part of your life and their release dates are at an accurate point in history, it's not at all unusual to use that fact to figure out when events of your life occured. I'm sure movie enthusiasts do the same.

Laser Link
Oh yeah, I do this all the time too. In fact that was practically the only way I could tell time from 97-01. Videogames, music, and this place. That was my entire life. :)