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Private Hudson,57151,

9. 10. 10. 10.

Great Rumbler
What did they give the first game?

Private Hudson
I.. have no idea.

I think about a 34. But, don't put any weight on that.

I don't think it got very good scores. The original ZOE was a fun experiment, but overall it was a very shallow game. I was always looking forward to the sequel though since there was so much potential.

BTW these scores were posted at Games Are Fun a few days ago. :chuckle:

Private Hudson
I agree with that. ZOE, IMO, has the best battle system ever in a game. It's basically Zelda, sped up, and fully utilizing the Z access.

But the problem is, the upgrades weren't necessary (just different guns) and you were fighting the same enemies over and over again, until it just go boring.

Not to mention THE most annoying main character ever in a game. Which was a major problem, because... it's Hideo Kojima, and the story was very much a factor in the game.

Boss battles were excellent, though. :)

This one should be great. I heard a long time ago that Konami announced that they were doing their best to remove all the problems of the original game. And from the looks of it, they have. :)

It has the best air-born combat, yes. The best ground melee combat system is the one from Mark of Kri. Fight up to eight people at once! What a great combat system. Imagine what Zelda would be like if you could fight up to three, four, six or eight people at once (depending on the weapon).

Private Hudson
The Mark of Kri still hasn't been released here :(

Anyways, apparently ZOE2 has gone that route (or similar to PDO) in which you can lock onto about 8 enemies at once. Sound ssweet. :)

Well if they've improved the fight system in ZOE 2 it should make for some awesome battles since it was great to begin with. I wish those Gundam games used that combat system.