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Regarding the Zelda promotional disc. Has the offer to register two games and get it expired? A while back I registered M&L, and just today I registered Metroid Zero Mission. So then is that it? Or do I need to register two GC games to get it (I registered my GC and lost my registration number for Double Dash)? Or have I simply missed my chance? If so, I'm headed for eBay. There's tons of 'em there.

Stupid, huh :)?

I think it was only if you registered two games out of M&L, 1080 Avalanche, and Double Dash. I don't think Zero Mission counts.

Dark Jaguar
UNLESS they updated the list. You see, if you register enough correct numbers (either a new GCN or two out of their list of games to register), they will actually TELL you that you qualified and send you an e-mail confirmation. If you didn't get this message, you didn't qualify. I'm honestly not sure if the deal is still on, but I will say Nintendo is having a VERY hard time keeping up with the orders they already have. Some relatives and a friend of mine registered to get their Zelda disk only a little after I got mine, like a week after I actually recieved mine in the mail I mean, and none of them have yet recieved the Zelda disk the site said was on it's way.