View Thread : Remember that guy you HATED back in high school?

I HATE people that live their life dedicated to make another's life more difficult. This guy has a highschool education, and hangs out with highschoolers all day at the local shopping center. He is ALWAYS there, and is ALWAYS trying to start something. I think this guys just jealous cause hes fat and ugly...lmao.

Now to send it to him or not...hrmmm... :rofl: he wants a fight ANYWAY, and im sure this would guarantee one. i dunno. anyone else have someone like this?

Great Rumbler
Hahaha! :D

Dark Jaguar
Um.... so um, are you calling YOURSELF the person dedicated to making another's life more difficult? What exactly are you doing hanging out at the mall all day near this guy anyway?

Lt. Boris Grisjenko
Why do you even bother...
I do not think your making his life any harder with this...
ok, it's fun to see, but you should really jes' go out there and beat the shit outha him! (well, that is if he is bullying you too! I guess so since you seem pretty focused on insulting him :))

The pictures look fun tho... :D


alien space marine
I had one of those , I shoved his ugly face into a urinal and flushed his sorry ass and coverd it with hot piss. I got suspended though and he did break my nose sadly but I got the pleasure of humiliating him.

Nonononono, he makes everyone elses life harder, not me :p I'm just having a bit of fun lmao. And I dont hang out at the mall everyday. Since he does everyday, that means hes always there when I DO go there (which is like once every two weeks or so).

I'm just having a bit of fun, thats all. How could this make someones like harder?

alien space marine
You should plaster those pictures everywhere in the mall.

I hope he kicks your ass. :)