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A Black Falcon
Article last September that attacks Infinium.

Infinium's prompt response: A legal letter sent yesterday telling them to take the story down or else.

Both articles are great reads... the first has stuff we knew (their office is a PO box in a strip mall, the CEO has led several failed tech firms in the late '90s, etc), but the second one is about this legal action... hilarious...
Here's a quote.

Since I certainly wouldn't want to get a letter like that, let's state for the record that I think Infinium Labs is great, and that when its CEO, Tim Roberts, told me in person he had $25 million in venture capital behind him, and it later turned out he didn't, I must have misunderstood him.

I would also like to state for the record that at a later date, when Mr. Roberts and one of his associates told me -- again in person -- that they had signed up 12 game publishers for their service, and gradually backed down under further questioning until they only claimed a deal with one, I must have had wax in my ears or something. Mr. Roberts is a fine gentleman who owns a lovely home in the exclusive community of Longboat Key that is currently valued at $1,250,100 by the Sarasota County Property Appraiser. When a reporter hears a statement from a person of this caliber, and that person later corrects the reporter, it is obvious that the reporter is in error.

Dark Jaguar
Seriously, how do people get to the point where they actually think they can prove themselves right by listing the stuff they own and the things they've accomplished? There's no logic in that! Like one man once said, "Wisdom, even from the mouth of a fool, is still wisdom.", meaning pretty much exactly that. It doesn't matter if someone is Steven Hawking or the retarded kid who ALSO is in a wheel chair but sometimes falls out, if they suddenly spout out a great theory of everything that unites quantum and general relativity physics, and it's correct, then it doesn't really matter how dumb the person was, or even if they have any idea what they just said. The fact that it's RIGHT or WRONG is what matters.

That in mind, it sure takes an ego or something else to say "listen to me! I have an expensive house!". I've read some interesting info on this person, apparently with one failure after another. Don't get me wrong, it would seem he does exactly what Dogbert does, and I respect that, but he made a fatal mistake. He messed around with OUR hobby. We're nerds by trade here. We see through it because we aren't the morons in every other field.

alien space marine
Phantom is going to blow ! Sorry but the idea of playing pc games on a TV console doesnt settle with me, To me they are better off selling it as a PC game machine like the amiga which was like a computer. PC games play better on a pc , Who would want to play diablo or starcraft on a Tv screen?

Dark Jaguar

*Not getting it award goes to*

Great Rumbler

Tim Roberts: I'm rich so you have to listen to me!!

A Black Falcon

ASM read those articles. Or just the second one. If you don't get it... well you need to brush up on 'sarcasm'...

Tim Robbins: I am part owners of companies owned by my mother and brother and had one semi-success in 1997 so I am a great modern day enterpreneur!