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I found this site while searching on Google. Basically what it does is break down animes and movies down to their simplest forms [and often making fun of them on the process]. It's funny so click on the link.

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Qui-Gon: OK, Anakin, our fate rest wholly upon your ability to overcome ludicrous odds and sell as many copies of "Episode One Racer" as possible.

Anakin: I'm-a Anakin! I'm-a gonna win!

Sebulba: No! I'm-a Sebulba, number one! Here I go!

Anakin: Eat Red Shell, creep!

Sebulba: Ai-yi-yi!

Jar-Jar: Wow, my am suddenly wantin' to buy lotsa Star Wars video games.


The MGS ones are awesome. I remember seeing this a long time ago but it's still funny.

Great Rumbler
My favorites so far are the Evangelion ones.

Just about everyone: Shinji, you suck.