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Dark Jaguar
So we all know Nintendo is remaking Red and Blue versions of Pokémon right? (Well, yeah it's Leaf Green instead of blue, but our original blue was actually Japan's original green, and then they actually made their own blue in Japan with some special stuff added, just some new pokédex stuff mostly, and that was GOING to be our green here but then Yellow was announced and NOA decided to release that first and... well you get the idea, or did you completely forget that first sentence in the midst of this little subnote?)

Well, first thing we found out was their little 5 player wireless adapter right? We all basically agreed on 3 things. First off, BRILLIANT idea, only Infinium Labs thought of it first, still they should do it. Second, we were generally disgusted to find that while the Infinium 3rd party device would be fully compatible with all previous GBA/GBC/GB titles (it would HAVE to be, it's 3rd party unliscensed, no company will just support it out of the blue), Nintendo's device would only work with games specially made for it. Third, the likely REASON for the second thing we found, we all found it odd for the device to be 5-player, which is a rather odd number to have, in both senses of the word "odd", and rather silly to add anyway.

Well, it would seem there's a patent for "Water Blue" registered recently (though I struggle to find the link where I read about this). Now, on the one hand, since the original Japanese green version became our blue version (then they released their own blue which WOULD have been our green but... okay... shutting up... I know I already said it...), they are very likely doing this in preparation to do that here. On the OTHER hand, it's likely they are planning, after Red/Blue is released here (as is likely what the naming will be), to go ahead and remake Japan's blue/yellow pair. Likely, THIS time BOTH will get released stateside (as the green/yellow pair, ya know...). I also don't see what will stop them from rereleasing Gold/Silver/Crystal (side note, "Crystal" really doesn't fit in with the metal motif they had going in that whole naming thing...) remakes after that, finally ending with remaking Ruby/Saphire with full wireless adapter support (and likely ONLY that) followed by Colloseum 2 and some sort of yellow/crystal type game based in the Gem series.

Seems a bit carried away doesn't it? Well, what would stop Nintendo? Have you seen the sales charts for Fire Red and Leaf Green in Japan? Apparently it takes a LONG time to kill a fad over there, as Final Fantasy sales year after year confirm. Further more, Ruby and Saphire seem to be selling very well over here, and from what little I've seen, the Colloseum preorder deal is going off very well (even though all you get is a commercial disk for preordering it, and an infinite Jirachi maker (Jirachi being the Mew/Celebi of the Gem series)). Yes, I did preorder it myself... Couldn't turn down that oh so interesting quest... Not to mention the company making this is actually CALLED the Pokémon company. That pretty much limits the kinds of games they make. The overusage of the previous 2 pokémon games won't die apparently just because of a new system.

In the end, this leaves me saying that Nintendo's marketting department needs to die, and I mean the Japanese marketting department since they are the ones that might actually affect what games Nintendo makes and how they go about it. I'm sick of remakes basically making the version I already have useless.

Here's a solution that will still make Nintendo loads of cash, but at the same time won't COMPLETELY dissallusion the fans seeing all this new stuff.

Instead of remaking these slightly different versions of all these games like they seem to be doing, they should just package all the versions of each MAIN game into one package for the remakes. Simply put, put red/blue/green/yellow into ONE game and call it "Pokémon Colors", or the more attractive name "Pokémon Chromatics", or since they seem to have this new naming style with the leaf/fire/water thing "Pokémon Elements". Release Gold/Silver/Crystal as "Pokémon Metal", or perhaps "Pokémon Metallics" or something along those lines (Again, crystal is an odd fit, but why should a trouble in naming stop them now?). Finally, if they remake Ruby and Saphire, they should package those together and just call it "Pokémon Gems". When you started a new game, you would just pick what color/metal/gem version of the quest you wanted to go on, and it would assign monster encounters and the slightly different events accordingly. Finally, from that point on, if Nintendo releases multiple version of a new "series", they BETTER all have their own unique quests like the two Zelda Oracle games (the RIGHT way to do a series), and have the common decency to not remake the game with some slight update on the SAME SYSTEM, or perhaps ever again, and just go ahead and release NEW games for a change of pace.

So, am I totally crazy or do you agree that not only should Nintendo be doing this, that it's kinda what they should have done in the FIRST place?

They SHOULD be doing that, but they won't since they're making tons of money their way.

Great Rumbler

A Black Falcon
Yup. Nintendo with Pokemon never had any sense of what was smart and just does what makes the most, unfortunately...