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Who's seeing the Dawn of the Dead remake when it comes out? It certainly looks diffrent then the original. Completely opposite of the 89 Night of the Living Dead remake which was almost just a colorised version of the original. I am concerned that people will associate it with the crap that is The House of the Dead...Really hope that doesn't affect its success. Could hurt the chances of Dusk of the Dead....

Dark Jaguar
It's a remake of an old one?

Well, actually I just don't like survival horror movies. I just can't get into the whole scariness they are supposed to instill. I'll watch the REALLY bad ones for a good laugh, but that's about it. Now, when it's a GAME, that's another story. Knowing that I'm actually in CONTROL of whether the main character lives or dies actually gets me scared about going around the next corner.

Phh. It won't be succesful. The only movies with 'Dawn' in the title that have any hope of being succesful are "From Dusk 'till Dawn". But only if it's done by Quentin Tarantino.

Dark Jaguar
I'd hardly call it a problem if people want a little substance in their movies. Too bad too many movies these days have fake substance, pretending to be meaningfull but it's all for the people who just like to seem deep.

alien space marine
The Original night of the living dead (black and white)scared the shit out of me , I was desapointed that the main character died because the damn Military thought he was a zombie and shot him in the face.

I was petrified and afraid since I lived 2 blocks from a grave yard, Everytime I went through the cemetery I was getting the feeling that dead zombies will start poping out of the graves and try to eat me.

The ending to the Night of the Living Dead was unpredictable, to say the least....ohhh, the irony.