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Great Rumbler
On what was a pleasant March day, Scientific-Atlanta announced that it is planning to develop television set-top boxes with high-performance video game capabilities, and that 250 European engineers are already making games for the Explorer series of boxes. The box will probably not be sold in stores but instead be supplied by cable television companies who would offer subscription services to consumers a la pay-per-view, video-on-demand, and whatever else people use to watch Wrestlemania.

With the video game industry making billions of dollars, more and more companies are going to mosey in, poop on the floor and hope fans will pay money for it. Will the combined might of 250 European engineers be enough to sway the gaming world? Only time will tell, and it will tell us no.

I'm putting my money on "Won't Actually Be Released".

Nintendorks (

Dark Jaguar
Nintendo made a deal with some TV company (I think Panasonic actually) and had something like this, but it was with a system that was actually selling already, the NES.

Maybe if they were putting one of the popular systems rather than a brand new one it would have a chance of selling. Really, the only way this sort of thing could really succeed long term is if the video game industry sorta standardized consoles so they all used intercompatible technology. That won't happen any time soon, not so long as the main companies can have a sort of semi-monopoly via exclusive games, the one thing that keeps systems that aren't Sony selling.