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Most Penalty Minutes, one game, both teams-Ottawa and Philadelphia, 419
Most Penalty Minutes, one period, one team-Philadelphia Flyers, 209, third period
Most Penalty Minutes, one game, one team-Philadeplhia Flyers, 213 (Ottawa had a respective 206)

That's carazy! 419 penalty minutes in the City of Brotherly Love...ironic. Ottawa, The City that Closes at 8 PM, couldn't pull off the win though. Too bad. :(

It took the refs 90 minutes after the game to sort out all the penalties and whatnot. :D There were only three players left on the bench from each team at the end of the game...16 total from each team finished.

Nobody cares...I see.


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i Wonder if they will break the most goals scored record of 20 in one game.

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That is unbelievable! I can't imagine so many penalties. And then there was the guy who jumped on a Colorado player yesterday and broke his neck. Pansie chicken had to attack the Avs' back. I hope he is suspended for a long time.

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He isnt going to get just suspended , He may have to serve time in Jail for assualt, Its not the first time or the last that a NHL players batters another one and has too face criminal charges,

That hit was inexcusable. He should be exiled from the sport of hockey. I know fights break out and things get rough on the ice sometimes but that was when the guys back was turned, and he landed face first in to the ice, and then jumps on him!

He says he feels really sorry about the whole things and feels bad about it. I'll bet he does, he knows his career is coming to and end. At least it should.

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I dont think any apology can excuss this .

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No. I saw that film... that's really low...

That's Todd Bertuzzi for you. Touted as the leagues best power forward, as well as the whiniest player in the league.

A broken neck, while serious, can still heal in a relatively short amount of time. I played hockey with somebody who broke his neck and he came back and was playing like he was before.

It's hard to tell how Moore actually broke his neck...was it the actual punch to the back on the head, the 250-pound Bertuzzi falling on him, or the four or five other 200 lbs. + guys dogpiling, with Moore at the bottom.

He'll likely get suspended for the end of the season, including playoffs (which the Canucks won't do as good in now...Bertuzzi is their second best player).

This was Bertuzzi's typical cheap-ass way at getting back at Moore. The last time the Avs and Nucks played, Moore gave (in my opinion) the best player in the NHL, Markus Naslund, a cheapshot which resulted in a concussion and him missing three games (Moore didn't get even get a penalty). I'm not sticking up for Bertuzzi, though...that punch really was inexcusable.

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The Canucks Suck!

Go senators!