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Dark Jaguar
I've noticed that TV seems to actually censor drug use. Not just the ugly effects, but talking about it. I don't have any idea why though. I mean, kids have just about everything about drugs pounded into their brains from kindergarden these days, so what possible reason would they have to censor it? I'm not talking in the sense of "oh they shouldn't worry about censoring violence", I'm talking in the sense that censoring this is like censoring someone stealing a magnifying glass from DD.

Wierd. Half of the music kids listen to these days basically tells them all they'll ever need to know about drug use. The other half tells them how to abuse women, steal money, kill people, and rhyme poorly.

alien space marine
censoring = pointless.

Great Rumbler
I haven't really noticed any censoring like that, but I really only watch Cartoon Network and Fox News Channel.

Dark Jaguar
And that's what I'm talking about. It's basically the same sort of thing that gets some people around me laughing when they hear something that can be taken to mean drugs, like "she said "leaf"", and then they laugh. I mean, what's the deal? It's not dirty or forbidden to talk about drugs, at all. People do it all the time, so why would anyone bother hiding it or laughing at so called subtle referenses? It's just stupid is what it is, but I do believe that, considering these two I know are well, people who do some sort of drugs, I believe they've been stupidated into thinking it's some hilarious thing no one talks about. Also, one of them is completley convinced that "everyone would TOTALLY do drugs if they were legal". I mean, "no" first off, and second, it's like the second someone is addicted to some drug, they assume everyone else secretly has the SAME craving but is repressing it. They just don't get what addiction means Very annoying, and stupid. When I say I "know" these people, I must make clear that I barely even know them. Generally, I meet them only every now and then, and they insist on reading from some pamphlet each and every time.

I actually posted this in the middle of the night when I was tired. Honestly, this sort of censoring DOESN'T occur most of the time. That's what makes the times when some show maker finds it needed TO censor it so very confusing and INFURIATING! *invades Earth*