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I'm not much of a PC gamer, but this is one PC game I definately plan on picking up sometime in the near future... That is, once I finish building my speedy new computer. So far I hear it's a hell of a lot of fun despite massive slowdown when rendering big cities. I usually pass up sim games but this one really intrigues me.

I'd like to know what everyone else thinks about SC4 before I buy it. btw, I'll probably wait until the price drops and patches are released before I purchase Sim City 4, so there's no rush. :D

Dark Jaguar
Ah, as a child I remember building my own towns, which failed in the first year every time. It was always fun, but I could only build like a few roads and a power plant and some house fields before the whole town went under. Maybe I just didnt' understand how to play it, like I had NO idea where all the money was supposed to come from, or maybe I was supposed to wait a long time between building stuff or something. So, in the end I took to having fun wrecking all the pre-made towns with rampant godzilla attacks, and floods and fires (I always did flood and fire at the same time), and earthquakes during tornados. I had great fun though, and Sim City went into childhood outdoor play. In fact, at first I thought it was called Sin City, so I felt like I was delivering retribution upon the evil township or something :D. Behold, the finger of God, and the giant nuclear breath lizard...of God! You know he has one.

Anyway, I'd love to get this game if I could figure out how to actually do anything in it :D.

Great Rumbler
I'd get it if I had any money and there are so many other things on my "to buy" list. But I will get sometime in the near future.

I have it...but I can't play it very long. After a while it'll freeze and all I can do is restart my computer. The SC4 website has said they've had a few instances of this and are working on a patch, so until then, I'll just stick to console gaming.

He Who Annoys All
I am borrowing Sim City 3000 from my uncle right now, and must say it is quite fun! I think it would be alot better, though if you actually saw people ging into buildings, using the baseball field, and the police and fire people at work. I've never started a successful from scratch but have managed to keep some pre-made citys going for awhile. I would like to look into SC4, if I ever get board of SC3000.

My SC3K cities usually flourish then fail (in that order), both pretty close to the time they were started.

I had one very successful city, and I haven't a clue how I did it to this day. It was, ironically, TendoCity.

Hopefully they'll finish that patch soon. The hour or so I got to play seemed fun. Anybody remember Servo, the housekeeping robot from the Sims? Well, he's back, and he's 50 feet tall, just waiting to obliterate your precious city at your beckon call.

Dark Lord Neo
I was reading about people experienceing slowdown on their PC's with 1.5GHZ proccesors and 1+Gigs of RAM

A Black Falcon
There's a patch out for SC4 now, BTW.

SimCity 4 (IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN 4000!) is good looking, if you like SimCity games... its an improvement. While some city areas are smaller, it lets you build many cities at the same time in a world and have them trade with eachother... a really cool addition. Also, you can FINALLY build on hillisides... I thought it was so dumb in SC2K and 3K that you couldn't have houses on hillsides. Now you can. Also, editing the map before starting on a area is back... which is great, because that was sadly lacking in SC3K.

Unfortunately, they still haven't added enough disasters... (though destroying cities is fun, and I wish they had a lot more of them... :) ) Also, as far as I know scenarios (like in SC1 or SC2K) are still gone, just like in SC3K... unfortunate, they were great.

I won't get SimCity 4... (I know about it from reading online and watching my roommate here at college play it) SC3K was a bad purchase because the game bored me pretty fast (I should have gotten Baldur's Gate then, not a year later...)... it might be nice to have (as a gift or something), but for me I won't buy it... those games just aren't interesting enough. I'd rather play Warcraft 3 or Age of Wonders... :)

Dark Jaguar
Why 4000? To impress us :D? Nah, 4 is fine by me. I think I'd love it, but if it lacks scenarios (things I loved about 1, the only one I've played), that's just something to be missing...

As long as I can summon a giant monster to smash things, followed by a tornado, and then hope they will meet, there's enough disasters for me.

A Black Falcon
The monster is only in the first one... SC2k replaces it with a alien flying saucer invasion... I think SC3k has the saucer too. I don't really know what the disasters in 4 are though... but about 3k I remember being dissapointed to seeing the flood and air crash being removed (and not replaced with anything) from 2k's disaster list.

Dark Jaguar
flood is gone?! Now I can't do a flood and fire and watch them cancel each other out!

Oh, and I have seen enough of SC3 to know they have a giant spider as the monster there.

A Black Falcon
Yeah, SC3k removed the flood, air crash, and hurricane from 2k and didn't replace them... it just has the fire, earthquake, flying saucer (alien invasion), riot, and tornado. I don't know what 4 has... but 2k had all 8 I mention in this post.