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I can't get enough of this game! And I love that song!

alien space marine

Doo do DOOO.

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I used to be really big on that game, too... until I binged on it one weekend, staying awake a full 59 hours to complete the game over and over again. Let me tell you, after that binge culminated into a crash, I never, EVER wanted to see that fucking crown again.

BTW, what kind of alias for a programmer is Longwood Peebles Peebles? :S

And Martin Scorcese did the cinematography!

You should check out the strategy guide, it's awesome.

I like how the game gets even more difficult when you play again after watching the credits. You then move 2 spaces at a time, 3 spaces the next time you beat it, and so on! It REALLY becomes difficult after a few games!

And if any of you are stuck, try using the <a href="" target="booboodoo">Official Strategy Guide</a> (Warning: contains spoilers!)

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Haha, that game is awesome! :D