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alien space marine

"Talking about love"! this shit never got laid

Sacred Jellybean
The music sucks, but granted, he has a pretty nice voice for a boy that age.

ASM: Sex doesn't have everything to do with love. It's an expression of love, yes, but it isn't necessary to feel love. If that were so, then old men would be incapable of love the year they become impotent.

alien space marine
Well he never got love either.

Maybe not, but I'm sure he's felt it. Hey, even fat kids have crushes. Hell, I know all about that.

And perhaps he does have a nice voice, but it's obvious that someone else, someone with very little talent, is writing the music.

And maybe we should buy his album, so he can save up for a gastric bypass and lose the weight.

alien space marine
He needs to lay off the cheese burgers, He sounds like a Karoke bar singer.

He needs to lay off the cheese burgers.

Watch it, ASM. Ryan is himself an ex-fatass.

I think we need a before/after thing for ASM here :)

alien space marine
Watch it, ASM. Ryan is himself an ex-fatass.
You just called him a fat ass ! :shake:

I am 270 pounds so I am a little fat myself, Not as bad though since I am 6.2 ft, The reason I picked fun on Andrew is because he is geek like william Hung just with more flesh and better vocal abilities.

I was not picking at Weltall and I would like to once again congratulate him for his amazing accomplishment that few people like myself have the will power too do, I am actually thinking of trying the Atkins thing myself.

6'2'' and 270 lbs. "A little fat"?

alien space marine
Thats a Estimation I think it is actually more like 265 pounds :(

I take a walk everyday, but honnestly I indulge to much in junk food and I eat to often at a nice tasty chinese buffet(maybe I should sue them for making me addicted LOL! ),But I would like too go back too atleast 200 or 150 pounds but first things first, But I seem to have stablized around 260.
My medication has a bad side of effect of making me hungry and I dont feel full unless I have a gut buster meal.