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Great Rumbler
During the month of February this year, two games exclusive to Nintendo consoles have taken the number 1 and number 3 spots in the console all formats sales charts. Unsurprisingly, the Square-Enix developed Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles held the number one spot, while Metroid Zero Mission took hold of number three. NFL Street, also available on the Gamecube and developed by the worlds' "Funniest" third party publisher, Electronic Arts went in at number two.

Furthermore, console sales are up 46% on the same period last year. Most retailers have, in fact, completely sold out of Gamecubes as demand far exceeded supply in the months following a good christmas Stateside. Total Gamecube sales in the United States have recently passed 7 million units, while the Gameboy Advance has seen its' total sales to date exceed 20 million units!

March should also be pretty good for Nintendo with MGS, PS3, and Harvest Moon being released.

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WOO for Metroid!

Crystal Chronicles didn't throw me at all---I didn't care for the set up. Harvest Moon is great as a 3D gane--but they did away with the festivals, and finding wild mushrooms, fruits, etc; and they could've done sooo much with a GC version. When will they ever learn.

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I stil haven't got to play CC, as my order was cancelled. Someday, though...