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News Article:
News Date: 03/17/2004
Source: Game Science

Japanese gaming mag Game Science reveals some new Nintendo tidbits.

Game Science has updated their site with a translation of the latest new from the Japanese video game magazine, Nintendo Dream. The article reveals quite a bit about what's coming up in Nintendo's future. Here are a few of the interesting pieces of information; check out Game Science's article for more.

You'll be able to play Nintendo DS at E3. Also we'll be announcing a bunch of new titles for GC and GBA.

There will also be a number of announcements of GC and GBA software before E3.

NDS is such a completely different product to the GBA that it won't have an effect on GBA SP sales. The way to play NDS is fundamentally different, so it will give gamers a totally different kind of experience.

The reason we are making the NDS is to give everyone a chance to try something new. We are confident that here at Nintendo we can continue to improve portable gaming.

Miyamoto has received a request from the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC to attend a panel discussion about "Video Games' Cultural Significance."


I can imagine that discussion.

Reporter: Do video games make people want to shoot their friends?

Miyamoto: I think (it) is important for us to calmly understand significance of many things such is life or flowers. If need to kill one or friend of many than it is unreasonable to be such way (in) life.

Reporter: ....but do you think video games make people kill their friends?

Miyamoto: It is a question that many of us ask people not of ourselves but also to ourselves and others by nature. (talks to translator) Powerful is to guns as swords are to messes but messes can be cleaned while gunshots conceal death

Retro Studios: Do people actually still think that video games create violence? Since when did Hitler have a Gameboy?

Reporter: ... Dennis Dyack, what do you think?

Dennis: Yeehaw! anyone can carry a minigun in a videogame, BIOTCH! ratatatatata!

Square-Enix: You know, it is how the industry is. If I move 2 spaces forward and one right to commit an attack to the left of my foe then he (or she) may have Strikeback or Counter, this is the gamble we all take. But thankfully, most people abide by the Law Cards and strive to power up their Acacia Hat.

Reporter: Ken Lobb, any closing statements?

Ken Lobb: 'JILLIONS' of blades of GRASS!

Haha, one would think that Miyamoto would have a translater though... ;)

A Black Falcon
So how will the DS be so fundamentally different... in ways other than marketing-speak... :)

I want to see what they're doing. Whether it'll be good or not I don't know, but I want to know what it is...

Dark Jaguar
Well, Nintendo is once again toting the line that "it's so fundamentally different to play it that it's in it's own market" which is a bunch of nothing!

Now the conference, that'll be interesting. I bet Miyamoto will be confused to no end about how us Americans love to shift the blame of our actions, but then Hideo will be like "See? I told you!", and then Ocelot will kill him and Lalelulelo will tell us all how to clean urine stains.

A Black Falcon
Yeah, I'm very skeptical about it being "fundamentally different". But if it really has a touchscreen on one of the two, that would allow for some very different things at least...

Especially if the touchscreen acted as a custom control panel.

A Black Falcon
What do you mean?