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Last week, rumours hit the internet about a new Final Fantasy game for the Gamecube after a Japanese magazine published concept art from a game called "Final Fantasy: Guilty Wing" said to be in development by Square-Enix. The aforementioned rumours were then said to be false by a number of sites and publications...

...but it seems they were wrong! This months issue of V-Jump magazine has published art from the game under the same name and confirms that this game is currently in development!

No further details are available on the title at this time, and we would hope that mre information will be released closer to E3. However, apparently it states in the magazine that the game, which will be exclusive to Gamecube, will possibly be set in the Final Fantasy VII universe -which many fans believe represents the epitome of Final Fantasy. Will this be in the mould of a fully fledged Final Fantasy game? Or will it break away and try something new like Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles? If the not-so-good sales of the above are anything to go by, we can only hope that the Cube will soon have its' very own classic Final Fantasy game!

New FF game on the GC?! Possibly set in the FF7 universe?! *has a heart-attack*

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Dark Jaguar
I really doubt the FF7 thing, but only because they would put a 7 in the title of the game and also because they are already making a Final Fantasy movie set after FF7 (which looks amazing by the way). I really loved FF7, but my fave is still FF6. That may be because I played it first, I dunno. The ability system in FF6 was one of the simplest, and it's not exactly a very hard game (it's as easy as FF7 actually), but well, I just loved that game.

Here's a completely unfounded idea. Maybe it'll be a classic style FF game set in the Crystal Chronicles universe.

Great Rumbler

Here's the pic that was mentioned in the article:

Great Rumbler
Here's a Babelfish translation of the article from Jeux-France:

After the nonfounded rumours of the official magazine English Nintendo, here is that a size of the press nippone, V-Jump, clearly announces new Final Fantasy on GameCube, named Final Fantasy: Guilty Wing! Roof of the surprise, the character whom one sees resembles clearly Squall Leonheart, the hero of Final Fantasy VIII. It is indicated in Japanese that exclusive revelations will take place in the next number of the magazine, and that Guilty Wing is envisaged only on GameCube, which reasonably lets think that the team behind this project is not other than the studio Game designer Studios, creator of Final Fantasy: Chronicles Hook. To continue to make to fantasmer the owners of GameCube in lack of the gilded time where Squaresoft was exclusive in Nintendo, will also know that in bottom of the scan, it is indicated ' Kingdom Hearts 2 - PS2|GCN'. There still, it would act of one crowned surprised on behalf of Square Enix. The experiment Final Fantasy: Would Crystal Chronicles have been beneficial as for the bringing together of these two companies? Now, let us go down from our cloud, which will follow will put by ground all that you have just read. Indeed, to our knowledge, nobody was able to confirm the existence of such a page in current V-Jump. Including those having the magazine in question indeed, which poses a problem nevertheless... Remain nevertheless the possibility that this image comes from Jump to come. You will thus have understood that not only neither Nintendo, nor Enix Public garden confirmed this advertisement, but that the authenticity even of this scan is still doubtful at the present time. Please thus take the existence of Guilty Wing in its current form: a good gross rumour which did not finish making jaser.

Dark Jaguar
THAT IS SQUALL! Final Fantasy 8!

(Another thing, everyone assumes Squall is some sort of jerk, but he's just not a talker. Yeesh, can't someone be completely introspective and just not be interested in the blah blah blah bland conversations of "nice day isn't it?" that go on? Whatever...)

Anyway, the picture also says "PS2" and "DVD". Meaning, this game will likely be released on BOTH PS2 and GCN, and apparently there's a DVD movie involved... Since FF7 already has a sequel movie coming out, I doubted that. However, FF8 does not. Really though, it's another game that was pretty much already finished as much as it could be when it ended. Where's the Final Fantasy 4 sequel?

Dark Jaguar
Okay, I was writing my post while you were posting yours.

Anyway, that translation, like most from that site, is almost unintelligable. Still, I learned I was wrong. That ad seems to be for Kingdom Hearts 2 as well, which will also be on GCN. Well, that's interesting.

Great Rumbler
That ad seems to be for Kingdom Hearts 2 as well, which will also be on GCN.

And Advent Children [hence the "DVD" at the bottom]. After reading the Juex-France article I'm starting to get skeptical about this, aparently even people who have V-Jump don't no anything about this and the pic itself exudes a certain photoshop air. We'll just have to wait and see what comes of this.

Dark Jaguar
Yeah, I was going to say something about it but I see you guys posting from cube europe all the time so I figured it was legit. Once again I let my guard down for a split second and it really does seem a myth slipped in. Anyway, yeah it does look faked come to think of it. That's not a new image of Squall, it's from an FMV from the game, only a negative.

Okay, I'll just ignore this as well.

Anyway, this puts the original new FF for GCN rumor back to "whatever" status as well.

Great Rumbler
There's still a possibility that the game is real.

I see you guys posting from cube europe all the time so I figured it was legit.

They're pretty good most of the time, but they have a nasty habit of buying into rumors sometimes.

Dark Jaguar
Of course. However without proof I have no reason to believe it yet. It's a lot more likely than randomly turning into a chicken of course, and in fact more likely than Nintendo buying Rare BACK, but not likely enough for me to really put much stock in it. I'll wait, and likely forget about this.

Jeux-France article - hopefully I can be a better translator than BabelFish...

Après les rumeurs non fondées du magazine officiel Nintendo anglais, voilà qu'une pointure de la presse nippone, le V-Jump, annonce clairement un nouveau Final Fantasy sur GameCube, nommé Final Fantasy : Guilty Wing ! Comble de la surprise, le personnage qu'on aperçoit ressemble clairement à Squall Leonheart, le héros de Final Fantasy VIII.

-After the unfounded rumours of the official English Nintendo magazine, V-Jump, (an important part) of japanese press, is clearly announcing a new FF on GC, named FF: Guilty Wing. To add to the surprise, the character we can see in the ad clearly looks like Squall Leonheart, the hero of FF 8.

Il est indiqué en japonais que des révélations exclusives auront lieu dans le prochain numéro du magazine, et que Guilty Wing est prévu uniquement sur GameCube, ce qui laisse raisonnablement penser que l'équipe derrière ce projet n'est autre que le studio Game Designers Studios, créateur de Final Fantasy : Crystal Chronicles. Pour continuer à faire fantasmer les possesseurs de GameCube en manque de l'époque dorée où Squaresoft était exclusif à Nintendo, sachez également qu'en bas du scan, il est indiqué 'Kingdom Hearts 2 - PS2|GCN'.

-It is indicated in Japanese that exclusive revelations will take place in the next issue of the magazine, and that Guilty Wing is intended solely for GC, which lets us reasonably deduce that the team behind this project is none other than Game Designers Studios, creators of FF:CC. To keep GC owners dreaming about the golden age where Squaresoft was a Nintendo exclusive, also note that at the bottom of the scan it is written "Kingdom Hearts 2 - PS2/GCN".

Là encore, il s'agirait d'une sacrée surprise de la part de Square Enix. L'experience Final Fantasy : Crystal Chronicles aurait-elle été bénéfique quant au rapprochement de ces deux compagnies ?

-There again, it would be quite a surprise from Square Enix - has the FF:CC experience really enhanced the relations between those two companies to that extent?

Maintenant, descendons de notre nuage, ce qui va suivre va mettre par terre tout ce que vous venez de lire. En effet, à notre connaissance, personne n'a été en mesure de confirmer l'existence d'une telle page dans le V-Jump actuel. Y compris celles possédant bel et bien le magazine en question, ce qui pose quand même un probleme... Reste néanmoins la possibilité que cette image provienne du Jump à venir. Vous aurez donc compris que non seulement ni Nintendo, ni Square Enix n'ont confirmé cette annonce, mais que l'authenticité même de ce scan est encore douteuse à l'heure actuelle. Veuillez donc prendre l'existence de Guilty Wing sous sa forme actuelle : une bonne grosse rumeur qui n'a pas fini de faire jaser.

-(Now for the less wonderful part) No one has actually been able to confirm the existence of such an ad in the current V-Jump issue - including people who own said issue, which poses a problem. There is still nevertheless the possiblity that this image comes from the next Jump issue. You will still understand that not only have neither Nintendo nor Square Enix confirmed this ad, but its very authenticity is still very much in doubt at this point. As such, take the existence of Guilty Wing under its current form: a big fat rumor that will keep people talking for a while.

Sorry fellas, looks like its a fake. From ign's recent mailbag:

Hello ign. In the past 2 days I have read on several small video game news sites that a magazine in Japan called "V-Jump" has confirmed that Square Enix is making a Final Fantasy game called "Fianl Fantasy: Guilty Wing", which is set to be a Gamecube exclusive. Final Fantasy:Guilty Wing is also suppose to take place in the FF7 universe.

Some people on forums said at first that the confirmation was a misunderstanding, and then some said it was a april fools joke. Then today a website said that the V Jump confirmation was in fact, a confirmation, and that the story is true. Also some sites have also stated that V Jump also confirms that Kingdom Hearts 2 will be released on GC after the game is released on PS2.

Matt responds: A bogus mock-up floated across the Web and several Nintendo sites reported it as truth for one reason or another. The latest issue of V-Jump is out and it makes no mention of Final Fantasy: Guilty Wing, I assure you.

Square has more GameCube software on the way, but this rumor is false.

Great Rumbler
Well, shoot.

Yeah, but did you really want a sequel to FF8? I'd love to see Square's next GC game be a new Seiken Densetsu, with added mutliplayer support ala CC to please those fans.

Great Rumbler
Yeah, that would be cool.

Dark Jaguar
Figured as much...

Anyway, yeah if they did make another main series FF sequel it'd likely be on PS2 anyway.

So anyway, whatever I guess...

According to EGM's rumor section Square is making a DMC-style game starring Cloud (for the PS2) that will tie into the Advent of Children movie. I'm hoping for an RPG, but I suppose an action game would be alright.

Great Rumbler
According to EGM's rumor section Square is making a DMC-style game starring Cloud (for the PS2) that will tie into the Advent of Children movie. I'm hoping for an RPG, but I suppose an action game would be alright.

As long as it's similar to DMC and not DMC2.

Well yeah.

big guy
they should leave FF7 alone. it's just such a wonderful game and the way that the main-series FF games have been going lately, i feel that any game made with the FF7 characters would only sully their charm. i'm still skeptical of Advent Children, because while the special effects are incredible, the art style is too FF8/10 and barret looks silly.

A Black Falcon
Its funny, there still isn't a real Final Fantasy game on Game Boy... there's the three SaGa titles, and Mana and its remake, and Tactics...

Erm, so how about GBA versions of Secret of Mana and Mana 3... come on... :)

Oh, and a major-console Mana title, with multiplayer fine, would be awesome... if it's good, that is.