View Thread : What is WITH the internet these days?!

Dark Jaguar
For the past few days, the internet, as a whole, has been VERY slow for me. I can't see it being on my end. Some sites, like this one, still load fine (most of the time), while at the same time others like Penny Arcade have serious lag. It's VERY annoying, so I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this, and if so, if they knew if it was some large scale problem on the part of a lot of servers online.

Great Rumbler
My internet has been messing up [as in not loading pages without refreshing numerous times or refusing to do load at all], but I figure it's just the fault of the evil Cherokee Telephone Company.

Dark Jaguar
Has it been this way only in the last few days, or just the whole time you've been using it? If it's just the past few days, I think it's net wide.

Laser Link
I've had a lot of trouble loading stuff as well, but I think that is just this lamo MSN here. I've had trouble since we switched in November- pages load very slow or not all the content, and it tends to go down for a few hours at least once a week.

Most likely it's just a coinkydink, but who knows. Maybe there are cyber leeches sucking the badwidth out of backbone lines across the world!

Speaking of strange things going on with the internet, what's up with Google? It looks...different.

Dark Jaguar
Yeah, a little more empty, but I think that's for bandwidth's sake.

So, apparently everyone online is experiencing the same lag but all for completely seperate reasons. Okay then :D. Laser Link's problem has been going on for a while now, so no prob there. Ya know, I myself tend to stray away from the cruise ship style ISPs, just because of their proprietary software you need to have running (in general, is MSN different now?). However, seems it's been forced upon you. My apologies.

Great Rumbler
My internet has been like that for about a month.