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Great Rumbler
It's even got a poll!

So far it's all LotR...though that shouldn't surprise me, as I'm the only one who's voted so far. :)

Other-Harry Potter (I don't read fantasy, 'cept for that and LOTR).

Dark Jaguar
There are a few Harry Potter books floating around here (yes, floating, magically, because it's FANTASY), so I may read one to check it out. I'm just afraid that a lot of fantasy books try TOO hard to be fantasy or deep and end up shallow as a result, you know, like a large number of Dungeons and Dragons games, which are so into themselves they make you laugh.

Great Rumbler
I have to go with Discworld on this, despite the fact that I absolutely love David Eddings books, LotR, and the Wheel of Time books, I just have to go with Pratchett. His books are so awesome and funny.

My vote goes to "other".

Great Rumbler
Yeah, that's a pretty good series too.

My favorite!

alien space marine
the warcraft books.

Do fantasy cook books count?

Great Rumbler
I don't think so.

A Black Falcon
... erm that's so hard how could I possibly choose...

Of those, Eddings and Wheel of Time are my obvious choices. Eddings was one I read years back and really loved... but I read them a long time ago (I started the Belgariad in 6th grade...) so I don't know how it'd hold up now...

Oh, if you want other good fantasy (but younger age-group) books, how about Lloyd Alexander's series (I forget the title, but it's 5 books... I remember a few titles, 'The Black Cauldron' is book 2, 'The Castle of Llyr', ... 'The High King'?, the Redwall series by Brian Jaques... oh, The Lion, the Witch, and the Warderobe series... younger age groups I know but I liked them when I was younger. :)

... the problem is I read a lot of fantasy and choosing is hard... how about Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover? Okay that's kinda scifi but it's fantasy too... oh, or Eddings' Elenium/Tamuli! I know that that had 6 books vs the 13 in the Belgariad/Mallorean, but it was just as good and quite possibly better...

Oh! What I'm reading right now! Tad Williams' 'Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn' series (I'm on book 2, 'The Stone of Farewell', and have book 3 part one (it's a trilogy, but book 3 is 1600 pages so the paperback is two seperate 800 page books...)! Great author (who as you can tell like Wheel of Time and Sword of Truth writes very long books...)(also did 'Otherland')... Oh, and the 'Sword of Truth' series... by ... erm... bah...

Anyway, Wheel of Time is great but all of those serieses are very good. :) I'm sure I'm missing some but those are certainly among the best.

... erm Wheel of Time wins, I guess. But it's a very hard decision. There are just SO MANY fantasy books! :)

Oh, btw, of the books on that list... I haven't read any of Earthsea, Harry Potter, or 'The Dark Shadow'...

If you bring up Discworld you've got to then move into other fantasy-ish-humor books... how about Xanth?

Oh, R.A. Salvatore reminds me of Dragonlance! I know there're many other D&D books, in short serieses mostly, but the Dragonlance work (mostly be Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, but there are also a bunch of short story collections and stuff) is a lengthy continuous series. Great one. I haven't read many of the major works in it actually but have read a lot of Dragonlance books... and some other (normal D&D what's that world called...) ones of course, there are many D&D books. :)

... over the years our family has paid many fines to the local library. :D