Dark Jaguar
Thanks to the Daily Show, we can now finally send massive levels of thank you's to our friends, the mass e-mail distributers (aka, spammers), well, one of them.

Let's ALL provide this fellow with our most sincere thanks!

[email protected]


Great Rumbler
I am so going to spam his inbox with emails!

Laser Link
Yeah, but if he gets your email address, what is he gonna do with it?

Dark Jaguar

That's what yahoo and it's infinite e-mail address generator is for silly!

Yeah, I saw that episode. The reporter asked the guy if it was okay to show his email address on the screen, and they began flashing it at the bottom of the screen as he was saying no. :)

Laser Link
Just so long as you think about what you are doing before you spam the snot out of him in an angered frenzy. :)

Dark Jaguar
I just loved his defense of what he does though :D.

"What the government doesn't understand is that people WANT these e-mails. People like to get mail."

Daily Show Reporter who's funny: You provide a service.

Spammist: Exactly!

Daily Show: Like the local garbage truck, only, in reverse.

Mail bomber:

Please don't refer to him as a spammer. He works in high volume email deployment. :)

alien space marine
Send him the you are a idiot virus.

Spam mail keeps me regular.

Great Rumbler
That guy should be beaten with shoe strings until he repents of his evil ways.