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Problem: I have two computers. One a Dell I purchased a few years ago, the second is home built. All my software (like Microsoft Word) came with my Dell computer when I purchased it. However, the software won't install on any non-Dell computer, which sucks because I paid for the software, why shouldn't I be able to use it on both computers?

So, what I'm asking is this. Does anybody know a way around this, or want to IM me to discuss "other" methods of getting Microsoft Word on my second computer? I really can't afford to go buy another copy from the store, unless it was less than $50.

...stupid Dell...

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I would suggest you use <a href="">OpenOffice</a>. It's a complete office suite like Microsoft Office, and it can read or write almost any Microsoft file format (notable exception being Publisher, which I just happen to have a lot of stuff in, but anyway...). So not only do you get word, but also Excel, PowerPoint, and more. It works great, is more stable than a Microsoft product, and best of all, is <b>completely free</b>. It's not even like a trial edition or shareware. So I think that would solve all your problems, solve them legally, and also toss one more straw onto Microsoft's back.

Yeah I also use Open Office and it's the shiznite.

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I've never had stability problems with the version of Office I have (XP). Seems to work fine for me. However, this interests me. Honestly, the number of people who just love making programs and giving them away for free (likely to build a reputation so they can get hired by a nice company) is really growing. I love it myself.

Anyway LL, I'll read about the product at the site, but from your experience, feature-wise, how does this stack up with Office XP? If you haven't tried XP, then how does it compare with whatever is the latest version you have used? (Actually, I think there's a newer version than XP, but you know.) If it's got a richer feature set, I may just ditch office, except for publisher, and go with this. Just out of curiosity, is the reason they don't have publisher support (and thinking of it, this may be answered on that site :D) because they either just haven't gotten around to it yet, or due to some legal thing?

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The reason they don't support Publisher is because they say it's not worth the time to do it. I guess they figure nobody uses it anymore. They had to reverse engineer all of Mocrosoft's file formats, and supposedly MS keeps changing .doc to try to stop people like Open Office, and then Open Office reverse engineer the new format, adn the cycle continues.

I've never used a lot of the Office stuff anyway. Actually I used Access a lot to do database stuff for a company I interned at during the summer, but other than that I really haven't done anything other than basic stuff. I used Word as a basic word processor and nothing more. Open Office seems to compare fine for stuff like that. They really strive to match Office in every way that they can and I think they've done a good job.

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I use WordPerfect. I had and used version 6.1 from seventh grade until about a year ago when we got WP10... now I use that. I'm still not completely used to having long file name support... (6.1 is a Win95-ized Win3.1 program, really, and doesn't suppor them...):D

... but I'm just used to WP and love it. I'd suggest at least trying OpenOffice; it has the advantage of being free... :)

Gah. I'm a big open source advocate, but I truly dislike Open Office. Though I must say the price is right. :D