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Great Rumbler
The real April fool's joke of the video game industry seems to be the whole month of April. April is known for being the time that the 'bottom of the barrel' titles get released. Hardly any games come out during the entire month in the first place because companies are winding down their operations and finishing up their fiscal year. Here are the scant amount of GCN and GBA titles being released this month all but one of them coming in at discounted prices.

WarioWare Inc. (GCN) $30

Space Raiders (GCN) $20

Serious Sam: The Next Encounter (GCN) $20

Future Tactics: The Uprising (GCN) $20

Disney's Home on the Range (GBA) $20

Serious Sam Advance (GBA) $20

Shining Soul 2 (GBA) $30

There may be a couple additional titles that appear at certain retailers during April, but they'll probably be ones that were supposed to come out in March.

Not bad, there's also a game called "Blowout" that's only $10 and from what I've heard it's well worth the small price.

Get Prince of Persia if you don't have that already.

alien space marine
Starcraft battlechest is very cheap now , If you dont already have it.

A Black Falcon
Get Rayman 3 if you can find it, it was $10 (and quite recent, came out last year) where I found it and it's a great game...