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They're easy to do! Just search 'posts' under your username in a forum, and copy the number down.

Tendo City-46 posts
Ramble City-492 posts
Multiconsole City-12 posts
Debate Forum-152 posts
Star Wars WOOO!-18 posts

Which gives me a total of 720 of the 45, 669 posts on the immediate forums. (I have 18 posts in other ones, mainly, Emulation District).

Furthermore, I have approximatly 0.0157 % of all posts (in the immediate forums) and on average since these forums opened. And, according to my profile, I post 1.17 times per day, but according to the day that these forums first opened (Jan. 3, 2003, the day the very first post made in TC was) then my posts/day is more like 1.50.

And, new stat that I forgot. I've started 34 threads, with "Favourite Movie Trilogies" garnering the most replies...165.

This is the most boring Saturday of my life. :hmm:

Man you are bored!

That I am, Mr. 20,000! This is no doubt the most boring Saturday every in my whole entire life.

But that's not the point of the thread...point is to copy down your stats.

Tendo City: 414
Ramble City: 898
Multi: 159
Debate: 586
Star Wars: WOO: 134
Forum 5: 68
Total: 2,307

Threads Started: 127
Most Posts: "What Are You Listening To?", 296 replies
Most Views: "ROM List", a staggering 6,517 views (cause it's easy to find on Google)