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Here is an amusing animation about things.

Enjoy. I particularly like the 'bureaucracy' one.

alien space marine

Great Rumbler
Hahaha! :D

The beginning of that was mostly just a ripoff of <a href="" target="new">Yes & No</a>.

But ROFL @ ASM's post, tho. :D

Bah, it's different... and considering it's the same guy, I assume he's allowed to rip himself off at least a little...

I didn't even realize they were done by the same guy. No wonder they were so similar. :D

Dark Jaguar
Seems the fellow just has a problem with driving in general. Too bad the system is perfect and all problems are the fault of humans, or we'd be able to get angry with it.

Oh well, soon enough someone will open up a small wormhole, and then 2 months later one large enough to fit a star through, and then someone will get angry at their boss and transport the sun to some star system a million lightyears away and we'll all freeze to death.

alien space marine
Uh OH! spaghettio's!

Yet another pointless moment.