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... is CRAZY fun on the Gamecube! I've never had so much concentrated fun with a multiplayer game in many many years. I especially love the doctor multiplayer mode where each player has to do something silly while he's playing a mini-game and the other players have to say just how well he performed his task. I've also never laughed so hard at a game before.

If Nintendo makes an online version of Wario Ware I will never leave my room. :gay:

Great Rumbler
I want this game.

It's only $30, too. $25 if you use that stuff that I dare not speak of anymore since DJ and ABF hate me talking about ways of getting games for cheap.

You mean Wal--? *is brutally maimed*

No, these $5 coupons that you can get at Best Buy.

Dark Jaguar
What are you talking about? I have no problem with Wal-Mart.
And about those Doctor games, that sounds SO easy to make the person trying to do whatever lose at. I mean, what keeps the opponents from just giving you the lowest possible score?

Honesty? I don't know what kinds of friends you have, but when I played the game with a bunch of buddies over the weekend it worked out really well. One of them did try to give me a bad "score", but when I threatened to do the same thing to him he stopped doing that. :)

Laser Link
Sounds awesome fun.Do they happen to sell any accesories for the game- like a couple friends?

Heh, if only. But if you're ever in Fort Collins you can join me and some buddies for a few rounds. :D

A Black Falcon
I'm the one who hates Wal-Mart. :)

Oh, and I don't know which I'd get... probably the GBA one because I have a distinct lack of people to play a single-system multiplayer game with... :)