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Could the rumors be true that in this game they'll introduce a "Evil Samus" that will hunt you like in Metroid Fusion? Notice the black and white Samus in the shots. Hmm... She's also fighting a chozo! But the best part is; MULTIPLAYER!!!!!

My idea is that the Black and White Samus is Metroid Prime reincarnated, like at the end of Metroid Prime when you collect 100% it shows the Metroid taking your Phazon suit and then a hand comes out of the goo. I dont know why Samus is fighting the Chozo in that shot but maybe the phazon was the catalyst that created the X-Virus; a mutated virus that mimiced its prey in order to aid its spread. Maybe the Chozo is a reanimated phazon induced lifeform created similar in fashion to the X-Ridley! Maybe the X-Virus was simply air born sentient phazon! gah!

Also, looking at the multiplayer picture, it would seem that in one screen (top left) the Samus in a ball can see a Samus standing. On the screens top right and bottom right, you can clearly see that Samus is looking at a black and white Samus. But in the top left screen, you can only see the redish Samus. Could that mean that the Black and White Samus can become invisible until you're right next to it? Also, it would seem that the Bottom left picture in this multiplayer game is a floating camera that will follow different players around depending on their score most likely. So that screen shot is showing 3 people playing. And if you didn't notice it, there's a Chozo Artifact floating above the reddish Samus's head. They're probably playing 'Hold the flag' or 'capture the flag' which would mean having teams! If that's possible, maybe the multiplayer mode will allow you to have SIMS! I'm totally making theories but man i like it.

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Interesting, but remember that the Chozo created the Metroids to counter the x-virus.


AWESOME!!!! Wow I can't wait to see direct-feed shots! Man this is great. Prime 2 is going to own my fall.

Look at the visor HUD, you can see symbols for some of the new visors. The bottom one looks like it could be some sort of sonar or motion-detecter visor, kinda like the one in Splinter Cell PT.

*catches breath*

Geez, this is going to be one tough wait.

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Wow, that does look good. I'm very intrigued with the 4-player mode. I'm also excited that soon I'll be able to play games again!!! I guess I can go finish Prime, and PoP, and Viewtiful Joe, and Zelda 1 and 2, and Master Quest, and...

Beyond Good and Evil... I think you'll love that game, and it's only $20.

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It looks like ... well, it looks just like Prime... which is a good thing. Maybe with higher quality we could see if/how much better than Prime they might get?

Either way though it looks great and multiplayer is indeed a great addition...

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I imagine they're using the same graphics engine as MP with a few modifications, although with those shots it's hard to tell for sure. Anyway, MP2 is looking awesome! I can't wait till E3!!

If they created a new engine it would be coming out in 2005 or 2006, not this year. :)

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They are adding bump mapping if I remember correctly, but you certainly can't tell from those grainy pictures.

There is a theory that the Chozo created the Metroid to be as watchdogs to protect them and then lost control of them - Sending all of them to SR388 where they cant be a threat. They considered it a horrible mistake and tried to forget about it (this would have been millions of years ago)

But that theory was pretty much shot down in Metroid Fusion where we discovered that the Planetary Federation unearthed the X-Virus while trying to find Metroid DNA for cloning purposes. Samus travels back to SR388 after the Federation ordered her to do so. So it could be that the Federation uneathed OR helped in the creation of the X-Virus and used Samus to test it. But in the various high-security areas of the space station and from what the ship's computer said, it would seem that the X-Virus was created to help control Metroid population. So a planet could be infected with Metroids kill off the enemy, then introduced to the X-Virus to destroy the Metroids so that the planet can then be taken over. but the X-Virus is so powerful that it turnes out to be just as great or maybe a greater threat than Metroids themselves that are ultimately just animals.

I remember in the Pirate Data that the Pirates were so amazed by the properties of Phazon that it attacks everything down to the cells and even molecules to re-create whatever it touches AND whatever anything that the host would then touch. So by exosing phazon to the Metroids (which they had since before Zero Mission and were found on SR388) it gave the Metroid everything it needs to protect itself and be more aggresive (thick outer shell and legs to attack with) but then that Metroid was exposed to different weapon fire when they tried to control it. It absored the weapons and brought them in to its body. The phazon altered the Metroid's design again to expel those types as its own. Just as the first boss, the Parasite queen could expel a weapon grade energy blast as an attack. That energy blast was something it acquired from the frigate's engine core.

So Phazon (itself only a mineral) acts like a wild, random version of the X-Virus (a sentient life form that can mimic anything) which is more controled. I bet they're connected. But I dont see how or why the Chozo would create the Metroids to counter the X-Virus. The X would replace all lifeforms with X-infected sentient creatures that the Metroid's cant "eat" since there's no longer a life force. But you're forgetting the biggest part of the puzzle; When Samus was given the vaccine created from Metroid DNA it immeadiately destroyed the X-virus inside of her and then made her immune to its infectious spread. Samus could then absorb the X without any negative results. Keeping that in mind, a Metroid could abosrb the X without any negative results. The X would be helping the survival of the Metroids, but the Metroids would then obliterate any and all life on the planet leaving nothing for the X to infect. So I dont see the logic in your theory.

I just noticed that in the multiplayer picture, it shows the black and white Samus with the shoulder pads. In another shot showing the black and white Samus, she's wearing the combat suit (no shoulder pads). Could the black and white Samus evolve as the player does? So when you get an upgrade, so does the black and white Samus! or even worse...

Ship's computer: There are now 10 SA-X patroling the space station....

There could be more than one! Each one in a different state of upgrades! And maybe that's you get your upgrades by defeating them! *creates theories until head explodes*

Another theory :D

In the second to last pic, Samus is inside a giant ball of energy. This could be where you recieve an upgrade or save your game but it could also be a warp station for samus to get around the planet faster or even go to other planets. We dont even know what planet this all taking place on but I have a feeling it's Tallon 4. But the solar system that Tallon 4 is in has many planets.

In Phendrana when you get to the Pirate's hologram of the solar system there was a planet under quarentine because it was infected with a virus that causes Twin Fever. When you get the virus, you see double and die shortly after being exposed to it. Twin Fever... 2 Samus Arans? But Zebes (in the same solar system) wasn't completely destroyed until Metroid 3 and Prime takes place after Zero Mission but before Metroid 2 (SR388, different solar system). Prime 2 should take place right after Prime which means Zebes is still intact. I'm still putting my money on Tallon 4 but that planet was scheduled to be a complete waste land in just a few decades. To fit my theories in to all of this, it could be that Tallon 4 will be destroyed, the exposion of the planet would send Orange Phazon out in to space. Peppering the universe with phazon meteors which might collide with SR388 and in time, create the X-Virus that doesn't appear until well after Metroid 3.

(Orange Phazon was originally brought to Tallon 4 by a meteor 200 years ago, Blue Phazon is adapted phazon; Phazon that is bonding to something else. orange phazon is the raw material and it's blanketing the entire inner crust of Tallon 4)

I have no life. :D:D:D:D:D

Look at the reflections in that ball. :D

Yeah, imagine it in motion. :D

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But it actually SAYS in the story of Fusion that the Metroid were created by the Chozo SPECIFICALLY to counter the X. How the X were created is a mystery, I just assumed they evolved, but the instruction manuel's story is clear.

While is has come to light in recent years that the Metroids were created by the ancient Chozo civilization,
it is no common knowledge that they were created for the purpose of driving out the X parasites.

At some point in the past, the X parasites, which posses a terrible propagation power, threatened to overwhelm
the ecosystem of their home world SR388 with their vast numbers. Something was needed to check this
impending disaster. That “something” came in the form of the Metroids.

When the Metroids, the X parasites’ only known predators, were made extinct by Samus’s hand, the X parasites
once again began to multiply with ferocious speed. Ironically, the X parasites were subsequently responsible for
nearly killing Samus when they infested her Power Suit.

In a further twist, Samus’s life was saved by an injection of an experimental vaccine containing Metroid DNA.
As the inheritor of the Metroids’ powers, Samus becomes the only being capable of opposing the X parasite horde.

In a piece of ancient Chozo literature, and interesting reference to Metroids was found. It seems that the
word Metroid in the Chozo language can be roughly translated as “ultimate warrior.” With the introduction
of Metroid DNA to her system, the reborn Samus Aran is perhaps the most appropriate successor to this
title of ultimate warrior.

Yup, you were right. And this fits in to the watchdog theory. SR388 does have Chozo ruins so they were there at one time. During that time they must have forged the Metroid to destroy the X-virus which means the Metroid was probably a virus itself that evolved in to what it is today by completely taking over SR388 when the Chozo left and ate everything. This explains why the Metroid saved Samus's life on many occasions and is integrated in to her life. By the end of Metroid 4, Samus is part X, part Metroid and wearing the Chozo built suit, she's being upgraded to fight something huge.

So the Metroid are guard dogs that got out of hand... Hmm...

Another theory for my growing collection.

In that shot of the 3 worms, i'm reminded of a piece of Chozo Lore:

"The worm grows stronger" - "Only the holder of the 12 can face the worm"

To me, the 'worm' was a metaphore for a growing evil that was underground (orange phazon) that was poisoning the planet. Now in that picture, we'll be fighting an actual worm. They could have no connection what so ever, but it's an interesting note.

In Prime, you would read the Chozo lore talking about the great poison while you walked around the Chozo Ruins... which have been poisoned. But that poison was just from Flaggrah, it poisoned all the water and was killing all the plants as well. But that wasn't the poison the Chozo were talking about. So this worm could be of the same context.

It's definately the larval form of something, but who knows what.

Dark Jaguar
I think that's a case of overthinking though. I think that pic is just of a random worm boss and that the description of Metroid Prime as "the worm" is much more likely and sensible. Plus, I have a feeling that even if they already had MP2's story in mind, they had no idea how succesful MP1 would be, so forshadowing at a sequel would be kept to a minimum, that minimum being, well that hand.

Oh yes, looking at that pic of the grey "samus", I must say I noticed the suit looks to be a rather different design. Seems almost military by comparison to Samus' more freelance design. To me it looks like a standard battle armor for soldiers of the federation or something. With it's machine gun rather than an energy gun, it kinda confirms my suspicions.

I'm sure they knew they'd be working on a sequel to Metroid Prime even if the first game didn't sell very well. Nintendo doesn't just dump their major franchises after one of them sells poorly. Mario Sunshine didn't sell too well but of course they're always making new Mario games. Metroid isn't as big of a franchise as Mario but you get my point.

Dark Jaguar
Yes, but if it didn't do too well I'd assume they would only do 2D ones from that point, and Retro wouldn't be making them. That was my thinking. Fact is though, it did do well.

Anyway, it's still a bit of overthinking to put more forshadowing than is needed into it. It ends up making the story way too convoluted.

Nintendo wouldn't spend all of that time and money and give up after one chance. If Prime failed they would have let Retro try at least one more time, and there probably would have been a lot of changes to it. The 2D games can realistically only exist on the GBA.

Too convoluted? This IS a Metroid game we're talking about, right? :D

They tricked us once with the "Great poison" story line that the player realized is much larger than just the Chozo Ruins water source. They'd do that again. And on top of that, as deep as the Scan Data goes along with the art direction (story-through-gameplay design of Metroid) then it's definitely possible that they would create sub-plots based on the first game's sub-plots.

Did anyone here beat Metroid Prime with 100% Scan data and Upgrades? because in the artwork gallery you can see clear pictures of the 'Samus Prime' creature which is basically Metroid Prime's squid-soul inside the Phazon Suit and really really really pissed off. Remember how Phazon works; Whatever the carrier comes in to contact with it absorbs, so Samus Prime could evolve well and beyond anything that Samus could become.

Also, can someone help me out? I vaguely remember the ship's computer and Samus having a conversation about SA-X. The ship's computer said something like "I know you have experience with this, but this is completely different." or something to that effect. It would be neat to see if the idea of an Evil Samus in Fusion (which takes places years after Prime 2) had made a reference to Prime 2's story line (which happens before Metroid 2: return of Samus).

So does anyone think that Samus will have actual Super Missles instead of a beam Combo this time?

Dark Jaguar
They were super missles, they just worked differently.

All things considering, it depends on what allows for the best gameplay. There's obviously a reason they didn't just have normal super missles before, and I think that's for the strategy of having to dodge during "charge time". There are other ways sure, but, ya know, we'll see.

Generally, Metroid doesn't really have that convoluted a plot. It's really very simple when you get right down to it.

It's convoluted as fuck. So is Zelda.

Imagine you're a game developer 20 years ago and you have an awesome idea for a game. You make it and people love it. Everytime the technology advances you re-make the game with totally new gameplay but the same overall design and you try to make the story fresh, or different. Every Metroid game has Norfair or its equivalent in it and no matter how powerful Samus was in the last game we start her newest adventure with almost nothing (Prime was the first Metroid game to make reference to that by having you start powered up). So when that happens you begin to experiment with the idea of broken time lines, different planets/dimensions and sometimes subtle, sometimes massively different plots completely hidden and put in the background for people to find out about on their own time. The end result is that you get an extremely convoluted storyline mostly because the story isn't designed until the gameplay is coded.

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The best options are to think of a coherent story from the beginning or to make it like Mario and have it obviously have no sort of sense to it... :)

Another tiny scan!

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How about some clear pics, dangit!!

Well if you get EGM in the mail it should only be a few short days before you get clear pics.

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i should get EGM...i signed up for a free year, my roommate did too. he's getting them, i'm not. makes me wanna cry.