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Hey D, have a good 23rd birfday today! Save me some cake and mail it to me. :D

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alien space marine
WTF is Derek?

A Black Falcon

Great Rumbler
Happy Birthday, DMiller!!

The D stands for Dandelion, but he prefers it when people call him Derek.

Great Rumbler
Dandelion Markstevensoncharliefrankbill Miller.

alien space marine
:carrot: Happy birthday


Noriko says: "I remember you, big boy. I said the same thing to you last year, except now, I think you are really the father. Expect a court summons, bitch."

Adds the voluptuous TC birthday broad: "I also have a bone to pick with Ryan because last year, he confused my name with that chick in Shenmue. And if you call me a birthday broad again, we're gonna play 'park my 93 Caprice up your ass'"

You are all too kind. I wish I posted more here, but the days of college where I had all the free time in the world to not study are behind me. It's even getting harder to find time for videogames. I wish I could go back to the days where I was playing games for hours at a time. I think I'm having a quarter-life crisis. :o Anyway, thanks for the birthday wishes, and I wish you all could have celebrated with me, but I guess your invitations were all lost in the mail. You can still send presents, though. :)


Come here and help me rape the furniture! Are you nude yet!? I hope you got really drunk and are atleast half way to Mexico wearing a hollowed out cat. BTW I taught the kids to hate you, but in a good way (it involves candy and lubricant). And we all miss you dearly, you nerd guy who is to the point and nonpartisan (that means it looks like chocolate but isn't), but mostly a dork. I say that lovingly. I hope you have MANY MANY MANY MORE hap-penis birthdays in your future life...... which will end soon..... by my hand..... uh... I wasn't supposed to say that.... err... I look at your picture when I make love to my wife.... Okay. Okay. Fine.

ANNNYway, happy 23rd birthday, i hope you enjoyed it.... because.... there wont be a 24th.....because..... I will sex you to death. FUCK.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DMILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get a hooker! a BIG hooker! a big ROBOT hooker! a big robot LOLITA hooker! (ME!) with a holographic vagina and laser guided breasts with KUNG FU GRIP! hot DAMN! be sure to bring a camera, NUDGE NUDGE, WINK WINK! I GO THROUGH YOUR UNDER WEAR DRAWER WHEN YOU'RE NOT HOME! shit I really need to stop telling people that I stalk them, it really ruins the whole idea of the process.

You cute little man you. If I could I would rub your tushie until you explode.

Happy Birthday, Derek. :)
With all my love and adult diapers,

PS. It is statistically proven that muslims have a lower IQ than Christians.