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Great Rumbler
Just kidding! It's actually information about Zoonami's other game which is in fact NOT Game Zero.

Zoonami, headed by ex-Rare employee Martin Hollis, has announced its first multiplatform project, Funkydilla. Instead of being the rumoured first-person shooter this is a rhythm-based title. Hollis intends the game to be a revolutionary new approach to the whole genre of music videogames.

In the game players will be able to to arrange vocal lines and phrases, which rise from the bottom of the screen to the top, in any order or combination. The game will feature cooperative and two-player battles.

Unfortunately, Funkydilla does not yet have a publisher. However, Hollis has pointed out that the title is a perfect match for licensed music and its wide following. "The right publisher for this game will want to create multiple editions of the game, each with its own artist or collection of artists involved," Hollis said.

We will bring you more on this title and hopefully Zoonami's rumoured "Game Zero" during the E3 next month.

I've never been a big fan of rhythm-based games, so this news doesn't mean that much to me.

Cube-Europe (

I was all ready to break the news to you that this wasn't Game Zero, but you beat me to it. Anyway, I have no interest at all in this game so whatever.

Dark Jaguar
I really love Dance Dance far too much for my own good, so that title DOES interest me.


Video games where you make music dont appeal to people like me who do it for a living.

and Great Rumbler sucks at posting news items.

Great Rumbler
Actually, you don't MAKE music in this game, it's a Rhythm game like Donky Konga.

well leave it to Mr. Great Rumbler to post a confusing news article. Jesus H. Christ you're so lame!

"In the game players will be able to to arrange vocal lines and phrases,"


Sounds like fun.

Great Rumbler
On a bun!!

Hey that rhymes!

Great Rumbler
I know! That's why I said it


Actually I said it because that's what Bender said in an episode of Futurama.

Ha... I knew it.