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Martin Hollis has confirmed however that Funkydilla was not the original "Game Zero" game that was rumoured some time ago. "We have projects in the works apart from Funkydilla, some are very long-term, and we can't talk about them. 'Game Zero' is a working title we don't use anymore, because it collides with an online gaming magazine."

Hollis also stated that they have no plans on showing any games at E3, due to it being a "cattle market." When speaking about the game Funkydilla "My best judgment is that Funkydilla is not a good fit for Nintendo. Funkydilla will rely on heavy inward licensing, i.e. signing lots of famous artists or labels. This is not compatible with Nintendo's strategy at the moment. For some years now they have been shying away from inward licensing."

So Funkydilla isn't likely to come out on the GC. Oh well, I wasn't really that interested in it anyway.

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I was... am.

Great Rumbler


Great Rumbler
But, yes.

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