View Thread : 80 - The Day the Earth Didn't Get Destroyed

Great Rumbler
80 - The Day the Earth Didn't Get Destroyed

Haha, yay for Bo Jackson's first TC-AVA comic appearance!

But I thought Bo knows everything?

Great Rumbler
He probably just didn't want to deal with them.

Bo Jackson
You got it, Johnny my man.

You see, the reason is hidden inside the very essence of Semnat. I could tell you what that is, but then you would have learned nothing.

Great Rumbler
It's because you don't like to deal with stupid people and you enjoy annoying Semnat, right?

Bo Jackson
You got it, BoJo.

Great Rumbler
That's bojacksome!

Dark Jaguar
Face it Bo, you just don't know.

It rhymes, therefor it MUST be true!

No matter, ignorance can be cool too, like if you are incapable of recognizing what most people know to be life threatening injuries, or in other words, are too stupid to be able to die.

Great Rumbler
Like Twoflower from the Discworld series! He was so absolutely convinced that society wouldn't allow things to happen to people that nothing ever did, despite a number of pontentially life-threatening things happening NEAR him.